IHRC condemns US/UK led attack on Yemen

IHRC condemns in the strongest possible terms the military attack launched by US/UK led forces overnight on Yemen. In the context of the ongoing genocide by Israeli forces in Gaza the escalation is inflammatory and perverse. At a time when western powers should be reining

Continue to Pressure UK Government over Yemen

Background In 2015 a Saudi-led alliance invaded Yemen in one of the most devastating conflicts to take place so far. This alliance included Egypt, Morocco, Jordan, Sudan, UAE, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, US mercenary force Academi, with support from the United States, UK, Germany and al-Qaeda.

Stop the Killing and Injuring of Children in Yemen

Background Action required Model Template Recipient contact information   Background UNICEF has just released figures for the death toll of children in Yemen, which is shocking. Almost 3,800 children have been murdered, with a further 7,250 seriously injured, since March 2015, with the actual figure

Yemen out of the news but not out of crisis

Concerns for the 19 million people in Yemen facing starvation are at an all-time high. While the crisis in Yemen is one of the most dire, brought on by protracted conflict, droughts, and floods intensified by the climate crisis, COVID-19, and other diseases, it has

Stop UK Support for The War on Yemen

Background Action required Template Letter Recipients Address     Background Since 2014, a Saudi Arabian-led coalition has bombed Yemen in order to get rid of the Ansarullah-led Yemeni government. The Saudi motive has been to impose a puppet government, which currently operates in most of

IHRC Weekly video: What We Can Do For Yemen

For more information and to donate go to: Donate to Yemen Alert: Yemen needs urgent humanitarian support! APPEAL: Help IHRC Trust Save More Lives In Yemen Yemen Campaign UN warns COVID-19 ‘roaring back’ as Yemen faces famine