Alert: Yemen needs urgent humanitarian support!

IHRC is deeply concerned following the UN’s warning that the COVID-19 pandemic has massively exacerbated the world’s largest humanitarian crisis in Yemen as the Arab world’s poorest country faces a large-scale famine. Please visit the dedicated Yemen fundraising campaign to donate:   The ongoing

Event Report: Genocide Memorial Day 2021

GMD’s annual event took place online for its twelfth consecutive time on 17 January 2021. This year’s theme was ‘Starting Genocide: Demonisation’, focusing mainly on the divisive politics that results in the demonisation of communities. Demonisation forms part of the dehumanisation process, the third of

APPEAL: Help IHRC Trust Save More Lives In Yemen

Watch our video to see the trucks of aid that have already reached Yemen because of your kind donations. But there is still more to do. Please Donate to Yemen. 100% Donations Policy. IHRC Trust operates on a 100% donations policy. There are no administration


Sandew Hira’s article originally appears on the Decolonial International Network website. Please visit to get more articles from, resources of and details of the network. Introduction The storming of Capitol Hill, the seat of the US government, on January 6 2021 by Trump supporters is

Murder by drone: killing with impunity Western style

Massoud Shadjareh, chairman of the Islamic Human Rights Commission, says that the West’s use of drones to murder their political foes needs to be challenged so that politicians can no longer kill with impunity. January 3 marks the first anniversary of the extra-judicial execution of

All about IHRC! The truth! (Mockumentary)

Did you ever wonder what it’s like – really like – at the IHRC Office? This film, from Neoliberal Productions, shows you the everyday reality. Please note, no IHRC staff or volunteers or boxes were harmed in the making of this film. This MOCKUMENTARY was