Alert – Tell your government their navy should not attack Yemen in support of Israel’s Genocide on Gaza

Alert – Tell your government their navy should not attack Yemen in support of Israel’s Genocide on Gaza

Tell your government that you do not accept its support of Israel’s genocide on Gaza and that it must stop its attack on Yemen’s navy who are defending the besieged Palestinians. 



The daily genocide of Gaza by the Israeli apartheid regime continues. Rather than call for a ceasefire, many countries, like the US, actively provide support in both the provision of funds and supplying weapons to Israel’s military. Now the US and her allies are taking further steps.  As a means of pressurising Israel to end its bombardment of the Gaza Strip, Yemen enforced a sea embargo against all Israeli ships, or that have ties to Israel. In response the US sent their navy to attack Yemen’s ships, killing 10. This after the World Food Programme had already cut aid to Yemen, as well as the imposition of extensive sanctions. By attacking Yemen, the US and its allies are not only going to war with the poorest country in the region but are also actively furthering their support of the genocide of the Palestinians of Gaza. The US and her allies legitimise sanctioning Yemen’s people, though the dire consequence is starvation, but attack Yemen’s attempts to sanction the Israeli apartheid regime in order to stop the genocide. Yemen’s only “crime” is that they feel the pain of the Palestinian people, even whilst they themselves are starving. 

This is utterly reprehensible, and we must demand an urgent change in policy.  


Requested Action  

Write to your parliamentary representative and demand they do not support the Gaza Genocide and attack Yemen.  A model letter / email can be found below.   


For campaigners in the UK, find the email of your MP here.   

For campaigners in Scotland find your MSP’s email here.    


You can visit our Palestine campaign page for more resources, including our own reports and briefings on the subject, here 

You can visit our Yemen campaign page for more resources here


Model letter / email  


Dear [INSERT NAME],   

Re: Naval coalition supporting the Gaza Genocide. 

I understand our government is joining the US led coalition to attack Yemen’s ships due to their imposition of an embargo on ships travelling to Israel. I am shocked as deploying the navy to the Red Sea would amount to our government taking an active role in the genocide of Gaza, as well as punishing the poorest country in the region, given the World Food Programme, after pressure from Western governments, has cut aid to Yemen. Now our government is considering sanctioning and punishing Yemen further. Yemen’s actions are to counter the crushing Israeli apartheid regime’s attacks and genocide on the Palestinians of Gaza – over 23,000 civilians have been killed (10,000+ of whom are children). I urge you to oppose this by calling for an immediate ceasefire. Yemen’s only crime is that they feel the pain of the Palestinian people, even whilst they themselves are suffering a humanitarian crisis, whilst other countries support the genocide with their collective silence. 

I demand that the government changes its stance on this genocide and begins to follow the lead of Yemen by sanctioning Israel and taking punitive measures against them to enforce a just ceasefire and an end to the genocide.  


Yours sincerely,   



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Abdullatif bin Rashid Al Zayani
Ministry of Foreign Affairs  

P.O. Box 547  

Government Road  


Kingdom of Bahrain 


Alternatively, you can email him at  



The Honourable Melany Joly 

Ottawa, Ontario,
K1A 0A6 


Alternatively, you can email her at 



Penny Wong 

RG Casey Building
John McEwen Crescent
Barton ACT 0221 Australia 


Alternatively, you can message her online here  


The Seychelles: 

Louis Sylvestre Radegonde 

P.O. Box 656
Maison Quéau de Quinssy
Mont Fleuri,


Alternatively, you can email him at 


United Kingdom:   


The Rt Hon Lord Cameron 

Foreign & Commonwealth Office,
King Charles Street,

Alternatively, you can email him at 



Lars Løkke Rasmussen 

Asiatisk Plads 2 



CVR nr. 43271911 


Alternatively, you can email him at 


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