Know Your Rights – Police powers to stop, search, account and arrest

Join IHRC for an online webinar with Massoud Shadjareh and Muddassir Arani. This event will be chaired by Raza Kazim.

WHEN: Sunday, 24 January 2021
TIME: 13:00 (GMT) onward
WHERE: watch the event LIVE on www.ihrc.tvFacebook and YouTube

This event will cover a number of powers that the police and security services have to stop, search, account and arrest people.  This has impacted the minority communities significantly. Often people feel that they have got nothing to hide so they can just answer the questions and everything will be ok.  There have been a number of cases where this attitude has resulted in undesirable outcomes for the individuals concerned.   This event addresses the issues that need to be understood and how the system views people that are put in that position by the system.  There will also be a discussion around the attitude that we need to have as individuals and as a community need to have to deal with and combat the police and security services.