‘9/11 – The Hidden Victims’ An IHRC Seminar

‘9/11 – The Hidden Victims’
A seminar organised by the
Islamic Human Rights Commission
8th September 2002

4.00 p.m. Registration, Tea & Coffee

4.20 p.m. Recitation of Qur’an & translation, Mohammed Sajjad Tharoo

4.40 p.m. Introduction by Chair, Raza Kazim, Islamic Human Rights Commission

4.50 p.m. ‘The Anti-Muslim Backlash in the UK in the wake of 9/11’
A presentation of IHRC’s latest report by Romana Majid, IHRC.

5.05 p.m. ‘The role of the media in demonising Muslims’ Yvonne Ridley, journalist.

5.20 p.m. ‘Prisoners of UK Law’ IHRC’s overview of the effects and use of anti-terrorist and other legislation against the Muslim community by Sultana Tafadar.

‘Experiences of harassment by the police and security services’ Mudassir Arani, Arani & Co. Solicitors.

A personal account of arrest. Imprisonment and acquittal by Suleyman Zainul Abedin.

‘A report to IHRC on the detentions under the Anti-terrorism Crime and Security Act 2001’ a paper presented on behalf of Natalia Garcia, Tyndallwoods Solcitors.

6.00 p.m. Questions & Answers

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