Know Your Rights



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Islamic Human Rights Commission has recently released a new Know Your Rights leaflet. The leaflet discusses how police powers under Schedule 7 of the Terrorism Act 2000 work and what rights people have.

Over the years IHRC has received many complaints about the use of Schedule 7 powers at ports and airports. These complaints have ranged from being asked inappropriate questions, by the police, about an individuals personal life to being asked to spy on members of their community by MI5.

IHRC now provides worskhops dealing with these issues. 

The workshops are open to everyone. If you would like our advocate to attend and present any of the above workshops to your organisation / members please contact us for more information. / 02089044222

IHRC has released Know Your Rights leaflets covering Schedule 7 in the past. We felt a new and more comprehensive leaflet needed to be produced.

The new leaflet has been produced with the support and consultation of a number of leading lawyers in the UK.

We have produced hard copies of the leaflet (small wallet size versions) and the leaflet can also be downloaded from our website. We are also in the process of creating a downloadable phone app that people can save on their phones and refer to if they are stopped at a port or airport.

We are also planning to release more Know Your Rights leaflets in the future covering other areas. IHRC is currently working on the next Know Your Rights Leaflet covering employment.

Our work is only possible as a result of the generous support of our donors.

More resources will be shortly available we will keep you posted with updates, in the mean time if you have any resources to add please email us on