Al-Quds Day Online – Watch on Links below

Al-Quds Day Online – Watch on Links below

Join the Struggle for justice, online, #AlQudsDay2020. Watch on the links below.

You can watch a live stream from 5pm – 7pm BST:

On Facebook

On YouTube

or via our homepage – click A lQuds Day Live from 5pm BST.

Join the event on YouTube and Facebook for #AlQudsDay2020 on Friday 22 May 2020 between 5-7pm BST.

Running alongside the rally is the Fly The Flag campaign, running throughout Ramadan and particularly in the last ten days, 15 May onwards). Find more details here.

For the first time in its history, this year’s UK Al-Quds Day will go online as a result of the Covid-19 epidemic. Find details of the speakers below. Page continues after image.

The forced cancellation of the annual marches and rallies around the world does not mean forgetting the Palestinians at this important time of the Islamic year.

Each year on the last Friday of Ramadan, millions of people pour out onto the streets of cities around the world to voice their support for Palestinians and to call for an end to the Zionist regime’s atrocities and occupation.

To mark the occasion this year, the Justice for Palestine Committee will be streaming messages from a wide array of community leaders, activists and public figures.
The online event will also include presentations reminding people of the Palestinians’ plight. 

As the Coronavirus rips through countries everywhere, nowhere is the disease likely to be more keenly felt than in Palestine, particularly in Gaza where millions of people live cheek by jowl in one of the most densely populated places on earth.

Their suffering is amplified by Israel’s weaponisation of Covid-19 to prevent the entry of much needed medical equipment into Palestine and the passage of Palestinians across checkpoints to access health care in Israel or outside (watch the video at the end of the page for more information).

* The original organisations supporting this call are:

  • Islamic Human Rights Commission, UK
  • Ahlulbayt Islamic Mission, UK
  • Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign, UK
  • Jewish Network for Palestine, UK
  • Campaign Against Criminalising Communities, UK
  • Inminds Human Rights Group, UK
  • Lebanese Community in Scotland
  • Bahraini Community in UK
  • Islamic Student Associations in Britain
  • Neturei Karta, UK
  • Neturei Karta, USA

As of 18 May 2020 the following have become supporting organisations:

Hastings & Rye Palestine Solidarity Campaign, United Kingdom

Imamians UK, United Kingdom

Jaaferiya Youth, United Kingdom

Masjid-e-Ali Luton, United Kingdom

Muslim Community Essex (MCE), United Kingdom

Al-Ajal (Detroit), United States

Light of Guidance (Detroit), United States

Muslim Student Association PSG (MSA-PSG), United States

Misbah Institute, United States

RISE (Houston), United States

Canadian Defenders For Human Rights (CD4HR), Canada

Canadian Shia Muslims Organization (CASMO), Canada

Wilayah Institute of Islamic Research & Education (WIIRE), Canada

Den Internationale Quds Dag (Denmark), Europe

Fatemiyun (Denmark), Europe

Justice Sans Frontières (Belgium), Europe

Reslat islamilainen yhdyskunta (Finland), Europe

Decoloniality International Network, Europe

Albalagh (Pakistan), Asia

Tanzeem Ulema E Islam (India), Asia

Islamic Pulse (Iran), Asia

Kudos TV (Turkey), Asia

Palestine Solidarity Forum (India), Asia

Pure Stream (Iran), Asia

Qom TV (Iran), Asia

Muslim Student Organisation (India), Asia

Students of Qom (Iran), Asia

Tanzeem Ulema E Islam (India), Asia

Volunteers of Quds (Turkey), Asia

Wisdom Gateway (Pakistan), Asia

Wilayat Media (Pakistan), Asia

Ahl al Bayt Islamic Council of South Africa (South Africa), Africa

Islamic Research (South Africa), Africa

Media Review Network (South Africa), Africa

Free Zakzaky Campaign (Nigeria), Africa

Idara-e-Jaaferiya, United Kingdom

Party of the Indigenous of the Republic, France

Islamic Centre England, United Kingdom

Voice of Palestine, Indonesia

Indonesia Red Crescent, Indonesia

Islamic Defenders Front, Indonesia

Fajr Youth, United Kingdom

UCL Ahlulbayt Society, United Kingdom

Kings Ahlulbayt Society, United Kingdom

Queen Mary’s Ahlulbayt Society, United Kingdom

City Ahlulbayt Society, United Kingdom

Brunel Ahlulbayt Society, United Kingdom

Surrey Ahlulbayt Society, United Kingdom

Aston Ahlulbayt Society, United Kingdom

University of Birmingham Ahlulbayt Society, United Kingdom

Leeds Ahlulbayt Society, United Kingdom

Bradford Islamic Ahlulbayt Society, United Kingdom

Malaysian Consultative Council of Islamic Organizations, Malaysia

Alliance of World Mosque In Defence of Al Aqsa, Malaysia

Ulama Assembly of Asia, Malaysia

Isra’ Foundation, Malaysia

Citizens International, Malaysia

Al Quds Foundation, Malaysia

Pertubuhan IKRAM, Malaysia

Palestine Cultural Organization, Malaysia

Muslim Youth Movement (ABIM), Malaysia

Federation Union of Muslim Student, Malaysia

Cakna Palestine, Malaysia

Global Peace Mission (GPM), Malaysia

Sejagat, Malaysia

Salimah, Malaysia

Association of Palestine Scholars Abroad in Southeast Asia, Malaysia

Ulama Association, Malaysia

International Relief and Humanitarian Outreach, Malaysia

Waqaf Al Aqsa, Malaysia

Baitul Hikmah (Kedah), Malaysia

Baitul Latif Social Service (Kedah), Malaysia

Mosque Muslimah Movement (Kedah), Malaysia

Pusat Dhuaafa Sejahtera, Malaysia

Quds Committee Mumbai, India

Friends of Al-Aqsa, United Kingdom

Quds Freedom Movement, India                            

Federation Of Karnataka Muslim Association, India

Bayt Al Qaim Islamic Centre, United Kingdom

S.I. Education Society, United Kingdom

Religious Advisory Board, United Kingdom

Al-Mahkama Ash-Shareiyah, United Kingdom

International Union of Unified Ummah, Iran

Aqsana Organisation, Iran

Palestine Foundation, Pakistan

International Union of NGOs Supporting Palestinian Rights, Iran

Majlis Wahdatul Muslimeen, Pakistan

Jamiat Ulema-e-Pakistan Niazi, Pakistan

Islamic Center Ahlul Bayt (Colombia), Colombia

Fondation Islamique et Culturelle d’Ahl-el-Beit, Switzerland

Azean Brothers’ Club, Ethiopia

Salaam Islamic Center, Ethiopia

Ahlul Bait Mission, Ghana

Manchester Islamic Centre, UK

Heidarioon Manchester, UK

Islam Hub, Sydney, Australia

United Islamic Foundation, Sydney, Australia

Shia Youth Ahlulbayt, Australia

Islamic Student Organisation (ISO), Pakistan

Al-Quds Day Committee, New York, USA

Watch Mondoweiss’ virtual seminar on the Israel’s weaponisation of the Covid-19 crisis.

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