Gaza again

(c) Carlos Latuff, 2009

I wrote this on 7th Muharram 1430, when Cast Lead was in full swing.  I didn’t think they would time it all the same again…


I am Hussain
and I have risen
so too Qasim, Abbas and Hur
and Zainab, dear Zainab
bears witness to our deaths
in preference to life with humiliation.
And amongst her tears and
those of whom we leave behind
Is the consolation that bears
witness eternally.
That they that hate
and mutilate and hurt us
Murder us and trample upon us dead,
here and hereafter
for we die with dignity
and our torch, our fire –
our call for justice
and the struggle to ensure its final final victory – burns
never to be extinguished
neither in Karbala
or Filisteen.

I am Hussain and I have risen in Gaza:
“Is there anyone here to help me?”

                                          Arzu Merali, 7th Muharram 1430 / 3 January 2009