Europe’s tide of hating the other makes us all Muslims now

More than 20 years working in human rights and anti-racism work can leave you both pessimistic about the future and inured to rising and raging hatred, let alone the insidious and institutional type.

The Islamic Human Rights Commission’s most recent publication on anti-Muslim hatred has, however, startled me – not because it was unexpected, but because, coupled with Brexit, both are a realisation of our worst fears.

The latest work looks at the UK. This week it will be presented at a side-panel at the United Nations, a few days after it was also presented to the European Parliament, looking then at the similarities and differences with continental Europe, especially France. Who would have thought that we would find ourselves in a race to the bottom with the republic? 

The project that these reports belong to has been running since 2009, but was preceded by the commission’s other empirical research and analysis, and the increasing demands on its advocacy department. Set up almost 20 years ago, IHRC has always had a focus on assessing and tackling anti-Muslim hatred and hostility.

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