Louise Casey’s common (non)sense and the illogic of racism

There was that time Louise Casey did her report into homelessness. Remember that? Maybe not. Or her foray into crime and punishment? Or troubled families or anti-social behaviour?

Maybe, or maybe not still, but you see the pattern of employment forming: there’s no social issue big enough to deter our Louise, and successive governments have devolved the task of reviewing and (at least suggesting) reforming them to her.

It is unfair to lambast Louise Casey solely for the reprehensible racist discourse that permeates her so-called review into “opportunity” and “integration”.

It’s been dealt with brilliantly elsewhere – from the voices of Muslim women who know they are denied integration and opportunity by the state and its perpetuation of discriminatory social mores to its at-best-lackadaisical and at worst Islamophobic focus on Muslims.

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