Lesson Plan: How can you give a human being a number?

Mourners pray for those killed in the Srebrenica genocide, 2019 (c) Ahmed Ehtisham Uddin

Ages 12 – 15

This 2 minute video with questions uses a 2 minute clip of a conversation between a survivor of the Bosnian genocide and a student from the UK.

Learning outcomes: To learn about dehumanisation; to learn specific details about the Srebrenica massacre; to understand the importance of the act of genocide rather than the numbers killed.


Tarzina visited Bosnia to learn more about the genocide that took place there in the 1990s. She discusses various issues with a survivor, Demir. Here they are discussing the focus on numbers with regard to the genocide in Srebrenica. This video was filmed at the Srebrenica Memorial and Cemetery, on the evening after the annual burial ceremony, in July 2017.

Tarzina and Demir discuss the Srebrenica genocide.

Question 1: Why were the bodies and remains of those killed moved?

Question 2: Demir is upset that people and institutions focus on the numbers killed.  Why?

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