Lesson Plans

New Lesson Plans and Resources added! (23 April 2019).  This page is under reconstruction.  Please refer back for updates and new lesson plans and resources.

Assembly Presentation – this is a presentation that can be used as part of an assembly or even in class for ages 10+. The presentation lists the different acts of genocide that have taken place over the years and is an eye-opening experience for students. Complete with figures, the presentation is certainly essential viewing and very easy to understand

  • PPTX – Listing acts of genocide
  • PDF – Listing acts of genocide

GMD Powerpoint Lesson Plan for ages 12 – 16 – this interactive lesson plan will raise awareness while ensuring students are allowed to be creative and truly engage with the subject matter

  • PPT – Split into four teams
  • PDF – Split into four teams
  • PDF – Outline of lesson plan for ‘Split into four teams’ featuring a quiz, class discussion, individual activity, etc.

Lesson Plans for ages 4 -7

  • PDF – using the resource My Name is Not Refugee by Kate Milner

Lesson Plans for ages 6 – 10

  • PDF – using the resource The Parrot and the Merchant by Marjan Vafian
  • PDF – using the resource This is Our House by Michael Rosen and Bob Graham

Lesson Plans for ages 10 – 12

  • PDF – using the resource Rose Blanche by Roberto Innocenti and Ian McEwan

NEW! Lesson Plans for ages 11 – 14

Learning about interpretations of history: What is Historiography.  This is a multi-layered stand alone lesson of 1 hour, including a video.  Suitable for History, Citizenship, Civics.

  • PPT – Instructor’s Manual – What is Historiography?
  • PPT – Presentation – What is Historiography?

Lesson Plans for ages 14+ – 16+

The Legacy of Enslavement – A flexible lesson using a spoken word performance to discuss reframing language and understanding the ongoing legacy of the Transatlantic slave trade (possible lessons English Language and Literature, History, Drama, Sociology).

A Six Part Course on Genocide – Each lesson is self-contained and can be used individually or as part of the whole course (possible lessons History, Sociology, Politics, Citizenship, Civics).

  • PPT – Lesson One – An Introduction to Genocide
  • PDF – Lesson One – Instructor’s Manual: An Introduction to Genocide
  • PPT – Lesson Two – Genocide through Colonialism
  • PDF – Lesson Two – Instructor’s Manual: Genocide through Colonialism
  • PPT – Lesson Three – Genocide through Enslavement
  • PDF – Lesson Three – Instructor’s Manual: Genocide through Enslavement
  • PPT – Lesson Four – Colonialism and Genocide
  • PDF – Lesson Four – Instructor’s Manual: Colonialism and Genocide
  • PPT – Lesson Five – The Holocaust and Eugenics
  • PDF – Lesson Five – Instructor’s Manual: The Holocaust and Eugenics
  • PPT – Lesson Six – Different types of Genocide
  • PDF – Lesson Six – Instructor’s Manual: Different types of Genocide

NEW! The Case for Reparations – Each lesson is self-contained and can be used individually or together (possible lessons History, Sociology, Politics, Citizenship, Civics).

  • PPT – Lesson One – Reparations 1
  • PDF – Lesson One – Instructor’s Manual: Reparations 1
  • PPT – Lesson Two – Reparations 2
  • PDF – Lesson Two – Instructor’s Manual: Reparations 2

Remembering the Genocide in Bosnia for ages 11+, 14+ and 16+

  • PDF – Two lessons on the Genocide in Bosnia, covering History, Law, Politics, PSHE, RE and Citizenship strands

GMD Animation for ages 8+ through to 16+

  • 60 Second Video Clip – this brief clip provides a quick explanation of the concept of ‘genocide’ and can be used as an introduction or starting point in a lesson