LESSON PLAN: The Legacy of Enslavement

Ages 12 – 15 and Ages 16+

A flexible lesson using a spoken word performance with a 14 minute video (see below) to discuss reframing language and understanding the ongoing legacy of the Transatlantic slave trade (possible lessons English Language and Literature, History, Drama, Sociology).

Learning Outcomes

• To understand about interpretations of history

• To learn the word historiography

• To understand some of the factors that influence interpretations of history

PPT – The Legacy of Enslavement with teacher notes

PDF – The Legacy of Enslavement with teacher notes

Muslim poet Mark Gonzales reads his poem written upon the finding of the remains of 20,000 slaves buried on the site uncovered by the collapse of the World Trade Center on 9-11. This lesson plan reflects on the themes raised, including particularly the framing of language and the power of terms like ‘slave’ and ‘slavery’.

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