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VIDEO: Why join Genocide Memorial Day this Sunday?

Sunday 17 January 2021 is Genocide Memorial Day. This year, due to Covid-19, the event will be held online. Join us from 1pm GMT for the premiere of this year’s speakers’ presentations on ‘The prelude to Genocide: Demonisation’. Massoud Shadjareh explains the significance of the

Poetry Competition for 2021- Deadline extension

Poetry Competition for 2021– Deadline extension Due to the current situation with COVID we are aware that teachers and schools are under a lot of pressure. This may not have given the right opportunity for many to utilise the GMD resources and speak to the

Commemorating Kristallnacht: The Night of Broken Glass

This month marks the 82nd anniversary of the Night of Broken Glass. This tragic event marked a turning point towards a more violent and repressive treatment of Jews leading finally to the Holocaust. We think that it is important to reflect on the events that

Lesson Plan: Concentration camps in Europe again

Ages 14-16 This approx. 3 minute video with questions uses a 2 minute clip of a conversation between a survivor of the Bosnian genocide and a student from the UK. Learning outcomes: To learn about concentration camps; to think more about concentration camps and what

Lesson Plan: How can you give a human being a number?

Tarzina visited Bosnia to learn more about the genocide that took place there in the 1990s. She discusses various issues with a survivor, Demir. Here they are discussing the focus on numbers with regard to the genocide in Srebrenica.

Genocide Memorial Day (GMD) – Brussels, 2020

Bruxelles Panthères organized the Genocide Memorial Day event on Saturday January 18,2020 in Brussels. The theme of the event was “From 1930s anti-Semitism to today’s Islamophobia”. Chairing the panel was Nordine Saidi from Bruxelles Panthères. The speaker of the event was Simon Assoun, a member