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Commemorating Kristallnacht: The Night of Broken Glass

This month marks the 82nd anniversary of the Night of Broken Glass. This tragic event marked a turning point towards a more violent and repressive treatment of Jews leading finally to the Holocaust. We think that it is important to reflect on the events that

Lesson Plan: Concentration camps in Europe again

Ages 14-16 This approx. 3 minute video with questions uses a 2 minute clip of a conversation between a survivor of the Bosnian genocide and a student from the UK. Learning outcomes: To learn about concentration camps; to think more about concentration camps and what

Lesson Plan: How can you give a human being a number?

Tarzina visited Bosnia to learn more about the genocide that took place there in the 1990s. She discusses various issues with a survivor, Demir. Here they are discussing the focus on numbers with regard to the genocide in Srebrenica.

Genocide Memorial Day (GMD) – Brussels, 2020

Bruxelles Panthères organized the Genocide Memorial Day event on Saturday January 18,2020 in Brussels. The theme of the event was “From 1930s anti-Semitism to today’s Islamophobia”. Chairing the panel was Nordine Saidi from Bruxelles Panthères. The speaker of the event was Simon Assoun, a member

Genocide Memorial Day (GMD) – Amsterdam 2020

  Decolonial International Network and Vrede met Venezuela organized Genocide Memorial Day on Sunday January 19, 2020 at the Conference Centre IIRE, Amsterdam. The question of the theme was: “Is an economic boycott that leads to thousands of deaths a form of genocide?”. Chairing the

Genocide Memorial Day (GMD) Mexico 2019

Our brothers and sisters of The Decolonial Thought Community in Mexico took up the concept of Genocide Memorial Day (GMD) that is promoted by the Decolonial International Network (DIN). On October 12, 2019 an event was organized to commemorate the Indigenous Holocaust. The event was