Things to do in Isolation #10 – Remember Palestine

Michael Rose (flickr) Some rights reserved Bethlehem, Palestine

Today is #AlNakbaDay.  It’s 72 years since the Catastrophe that saw the beginning of this phase of the ongoing persecution of the Palestinians and the undermining of the state of Palestine.

We would like to direct you to the following free resources to guide you through the key issues.  There are so many, many more that can be found (as usual please share yours with us).  If you want to find out more and research in detail there are links at the end of this email to books and products you can buy from the IHRC Bookshop to learn more, commemorate or share on this issue.

What is the Nakba?

Professor Ilan Pappe outlines a history of Nakba in his 2006 article for Palestine Internationalist What Does Israel Want?  A special issue of the journal share Professor Pappe’s attempts to record from original documentation various events during the Nakba.

For a more detailed overview read articles from The Palestine Chronicle.  Or these pieces from The Electronic Intifada or Mondoweiss.

The Palestine Internationalist archive is now available on the IHRC website.  It continues to curate articles form different sources on Palestine on Facebook and Twitter.

What Can You Do?

From today until Eid, lets commemorate the Nakba and this year’s virtual #AlQudsDay2020 through the #FlyTheFlag campaign.  Watch IHRC’s Massoud Shadjareh explain the project and find out what you can do here.[email continues after video]

Also, join us for the virtual Al-Quds Day.  More details here (please keep checking back).

IHRC Bookshop Palestine Catalogue

Find books to give you further background here.

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Buy protest T-Shirts to support the Palestinian cause here.

Buy exclusive prints of Palestine from Intifada Street, the late great Muhsin Kilby and Sara Russell.

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