This is one of the special ad hoc issues of Palestine Internationalist.  We are delighted that Professor Ilan Pappe has given us permission to share his recent posts (June 2019) highlighting key Israeli archives, with a selection of documents at risk of disappearing.

This issue looks at the Hagana Archives: Nahraiya and Tarshiha and Hagana Archives – April 1948 (no day).  The Dawaymeh Telegram and Nazareth and the ‘Dawaymeh’ letter testimony.  The Expulsion from Majdal (Ashkelon) and Yossef Vashitz’s archive: “Operation Hiram”.

As Pappe recounts, Israeli archives, hitherto complete and somewhat accessible have been found to be disappearing.  Pappe’s efforts at keeping copies of these records include these recent posts.  They are just a few which highlight both the extensive evidence from Israeli archives of genocidal intent and actions from Zionist groups and the proto-Israeli regime, and the ongoing process of denial and destruction of evidence.

Palestine Internationalist was a web journal that ran between 2004 – 2009.  It was a space for international solidarity with the Palestinian struggle to provide solid, academically rigorous work as part of the struggle.  Its archive is now hosted by the IHRC website.  We hope to present further ad hoc issues in the coming years.

Arzu Merali, Editor in Chief