Volume 5 – Issue 1

Volume 5 – Issue 1

Hagana Archives: Nahraiya and Tarshiha

Ilan Pappe, as posted on Facebook 5 June 2019. Recently, Israeli historians, including Morris, continue to argue there were no direct orders for the ethnic cleansing of Palestine. The Israeli archives on the other hand, are not accessible as they were in the past. So

Hagana Archives – April 1948 (no day)

Ilan Pappe, as posted on 6 June 2019 on Facebook I am very happy to see that the document I have published generated such interest. This is part of documents, a student of mine succeeded in getting out of the Hagana archives in 2003 (I

The Dawaymeh Telegram and Nazareth

Ilan Pappe, as posted on 9 June 2019 on Facebook. I continue to share with you evidence I have not used in my book The Ethnic Cleansing and might get lost with years to come. All my efforts and others to build a Nakba archive

The ‘Dawaymeh’ letter testimony

Ilan Pappe, as posted on 9 June 2019 on Facebook. The letter is from an archive that Benny Morris found and gave the writer in Haaretz (Morris also quoted extensively from that letter, but not in full, in his book, the Birth of the Palestinian

Expulsion from Majdal (Ashkelon)

Ilan Pappe, as posted on 13 June 2019 on Facebook The ethnic cleansing of Palestine had two stages. The original expulsion and a secondary one, due to the fact that refugees returned. This document deals with the return of the refugees to the villages around

Yossef Vashitz’s archive: “Operation Hiram”

Ilan Pappe, 20 June 2019. As per his original post on Facebook, text follows image. I attach another document as part of our joint campaign to save the documents that probably will be inaccessible and lost in the future.  This is taken from Yossef Vashitz’s


This is one of the special ad hoc issues of Palestine Internationalist.  We are delighted that Professor Ilan Pappe has given us permission to share his recent posts (June 2019) highlighting key Israeli archives, with a selection of documents at risk of disappearing. This issue