Imam Asi: Miraj / Taqwa / Ramadan and Reality

Imam Muhammad al-Asi during class at the Critical Muslim Studies Summer School

AUDIO: Imam Asi’s khutbah in Ramadan 1439 / 2018 covers vast range of topics. From the deeply spiritual to the current politics and cases of oppression, Imam’s khutbah sets up Muslims with much to think about at the beginning of this Holy Month.

Imam Asi looks at the miracles of Miraj and their meanings for today relating it to the fasts of Ramadan, and the current situation in Palestine in particular the Great March of Return and the attacks on it. Listen below as he discusses the complicity of Saudi elites in this type of oppression, the failure of Muslim institutions – especially established ulema – to use their platforms to highlight current problems. Imam also overviews the discussion between certain Gulf powers and the Israeli authorities.

Keywords: Palestine, Israel, Saudi Arabia, wealth, poverty, Makkah, Madinah, Masjid al-Aqsa, Bahrain, super-wealth, poverty, UAE, Egypt, Turkey, Iran.

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