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The Uprising: Movie and Educational Toolkit

IHRC congratulates singer, songwriter and activist Pravini on the launch of the educational toolkit to accompany her movie The Uprising. You can find the movie and toolkit on this page or go directly to Pravini’s site here. IHRC highly recommends this toolkit for educators looking

professor ramon grosfogual

Visages de l’islamophobie – Ramón Grosfoguel.

Première partie.  ‘Tout débat sur l’islamophobie contemporaine doit partir d’une réflexion sur la cartographie du pouvoir global tel qu’elle existe depuis 522 ans.’ Un article de Ramón Grosfoguel,  traduit par Matchikh Issam et Thibaut Rouchon. Relecture Claude Rougier et Philippe Colin. With permission and courtesy


Authorities must act against mainstream media terror incitement

Comments made in the wake of the New Zealand terrorist attack by Britain’s counter-terrorism chief, Neil Basu, that the mainstream media is responsible for radicalising far right extremists are too little too late. Basu criticised outlets such as Mail Online which uploaded the ‘manifesto’ of

VENEZUELA: A list of resources on the current situation and coup attempts

[Last updated 26 February 2019].  The following provide background information and ongoing analysis in English, Spanish and Dutch.  Please follow this page for new information.  Encourage organisations, academics and activists to sign the statement of solidarity with Venezuela.  Details here. Follow the IHRC Venezuela Blog

Balancing freedom of expression with public disorder

Summary of judgment in Campaign Against Antisemitism v DPP [2019] EWHC 9 (Admin), 4 February 2019 by Adam Majeed Adam Majeed is a legal journalist based in Hong Kong In a democratic society, freedom of expression—particularly the freedom of political expression—enjoys a privileged status in the hierarchy

The Britain-Israel partnership driving ‘antisemitism’ allegations: 
 thoughts on a counter-strategy

The British state displaces its pro-Israel commitments onto ‘the Jewish community’, constructed as Zionist and thus vulnerable to antisemitism.   This provides a convenient shield for the state’s partnership with the Zionist colonisation project.  This agenda aggravates societal divisions – frightening Jews and dividing them from each other, while also separating them from the Left and Muslims.