Campaigns in Bahrain

Campaigns in Bahrain

1) Human Rights Activists under Attack – December 17th 2007

A peaceful demonstration, held by several human rights and political activists on 17 December 2007, to commemorate the 13th anniversary of the killing of two protestors, was violently dispersed by Bahraini security forces, resulting in the death of an activist. In the wake of this demonstration, several human rights activists were arrested and subsequently laid down with trumped up charges of rioting, possession and theft of weapons and setting fire to a police vehicle. The detained activists have reportedly been subjected to beatings and torture while in detention. Their case continues in court.

URGENT ALERT: BAHRAIN – Government brutally cracks down on protestors

Press Release: Bahrain – Human Rights Activists Detained and Ill-treated

URGENT ALERT: BAHRAIN – Human Rights Activists Detained and Ill-treated

BAHRAIN: Court held, without lawyers, and outside official timing

Social Workers, Civil Liberty Protestors, and Trade Unionists detained in Bahrain

Press Release: Bahrain – Detained Human Rights Activists in Court Session

Bahrain Shia call for activists’ release

BAHRAIN:Activists Spelling out Torture Agony During First Court Session

URGENT Press Release: BAHRAIN: Torture of 15yrs in the street and the detention center

BAHRAIN: Ill-treatment continues – Mohammed Alsingace further tortured by being prevented from access to medication

URGENT ALERT: BAHRAIN – Detained Human Rights Activists To Appear in Court on Monday

URGENT ALERT: BAHRAIN – Human Rights Activists Collapse After Hunger Strike

URGENT Press Release: BAHRAIN: Tortured detainees Collapse after three days of hunger strike

URGENT ALERT: BAHRAIN – Medical Report Asserts Torture of Human Rights Activists

URGENT ALERT: BAHRAIN – Detained Human Rights Activists Continue to be Ill-treated

URGENT ALERT: Bahrain – Detained human rights activists given harsh jail sentences

UPDATE ALERT: Bahrain – Five detained human rights activists excluded from general amnesty

Court sentences protesters to jail

Forwarded Alert: Bahrain – Five Activists Appealing Hopelessly on 14th September Against 5-7 Year

2) Government Crackdown on Protests

Bahrain: Children detained, tortured and prevented from setting exams

ALERT: BAHRAIN – Youths referred to court after being subjected to torture

Bahrain: A Nine-years Boy to be Summoned for Interrogation by Security Authorities

Bahrain: Ten youths from village of Saar – including school students – referred to court after being subjected to torture

Forwarded Alert: BAHRAIN – Four Youths Tortured into Confessing to Attack on Security Vehicles

3) Suppression of Journalists and Writers, Ban on Books and Websites

The Bahraini authorities continue to suppress freedom of speech and expression in the country. A number of websites have been censored by the government, and journalists and writers are living under constant threat of prosecution and imprisonment. Controversial columnists have also found themselves harassed and followed by security forces. Several journalists are currently facing trial under defamation laws.

Alert: Human Rights Website Censored in Bahrain

4) Miscellaneous Campaigns

Seminar Transcript: Bahrain; Failed Political Experiment; Serious HR Violations

Bahrain: Submission to the UN Universal Periodic Review

Political Naturalization in Bahrain: Various Violations of Citizens and Foreign Workers Rights

BAHRAIN:HAQ Unravels The Truth About Human Rights And Democracy Records

Bahrain’s Sectarian Challenge

Discrimination In Granting Citizenship In Bahrain

Discrimination in Bahrain: The Unwritten Law

Bahrain: Mosques attacked; Personalized attacks against AFP and Stanley Newens

Bahrain: Security forces attack residential areas

Bahrain: Membership of the Security Council carries international implications


Bahrain: The government will not be able to run away from the core issues

Bahrain: Kangaroo court can not salvage an outdated government

Bahrain: Yet another lie by a government at war with its people

Bahrain: Security forces attack residential areas and clash with citizens

BFM Statement: The pro-democracy movement represents the will of the Bahraini people

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