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Je Suis – We Are All Palestinians: Lessons from the Propaganda War

Sahib Mustaqim Bleher calls on Muslims and all those of good conscience, to move beyond the framing of Palestine as dictated by the mainstream westernised media, as both individuals and societies. “Historic break-out from Gaza concentration camp – prison guards taken hostage. Jointly, Arabs in

Bosnia and Herzegovina: Why Genocide Denial and Genocide Awareness Matter

As tensions continue to simmer in the former Yugoslav state, Demir Mahmutćehajić’s reflections as to commemoration and erasure of current and previous genocides in Bosnia and elsewhere provides some insight into the possibilities and perils of the future. In July 2017[i], Islamic Human Rights Commission

Genocide Memorial Day Anthology: 2012 – 2019

Introduction by Ibrahim Sincere, contributors various Paperback, available from 20 December 2019. This anthology brings all the entries from winners, runners-up and those highly commended from 2012 – 2019 Genocide Memorial Day poetry competition in one volume.  Since its first establishment in 2010 by IHRC,

University Resources

  Below please find a variety of publicly available links to academic papers and multi-media resources on genocide arranged by topic.  This is an evolving set of resources.  If you are aware of other resources please send the details to  For further conversations about


Featuring podcasts on on different issues relating to genocide, its history and its potential in the current age



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