We Must Continue To Oppose Prevent

Background IHRC Chair on What is Prevent Take Action   Background Our updated Prevent page is now up. Prevent is a controversial government funded project, which claims it is setup to stop terrorism, however this has been shown to ignorant at best, and perhaps even


Prevent review is designed to alienate Muslims

  Nobody should be surprised by the “finding” by William Shawcross in his review of the much discredited Prevent policy that the government is not doing enough to combat so-called Muslim extremism. According to the Guardian which claims to have seen a draft copy of

Right wing report seeks to rescue “floundering” Prevent

IHRC has condemned a new report calling on the government to desist from working with organisations that challenge the widely discredited Prevent anti-terrorism programme. Written by the Policy Exchange, which was founded by arch Islamophobe Michael Gove and which counts amongst its employees the equally

Journalism in the Time of Trojan Horse

  Arzu Merali reflects on Serial’s podcast series of the infamous affair that resulted in a societal sea change for the worse against Muslims [substitute alternate teaser here]. Let me start with this. Serial is excellent and everyone needs to listen to it, even if,

Event Report: Children’s Rights to Express Solidarity with Palestine

Children have been targeted in schools for expressing solidarity with the people of Palestine.  Several schoolteachers as well as some headteachers have threatened to discipline children if they continue to express that solidarity in any way. Chaired by Mick Napier (Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign), IHRC