Save our Mosques

Save our Mosques

Talking about Palestine for UK Charities and Mosques

We have received many concerned enquiries from registered UK charities, including mosques, since October 7, regarding their position in supporting justice for Palestine.  These concerns include what can be said in khutbahs and programs, whether money can be raised for aid, if public positions can

Another Mosque gets a non-Muslim Manager

The Charity Commission has appointed an Interim Manager to Dudley Central Mosque and Muslim Community Centre. This is following an inquiry by the Commission into Dudley Central Mosque and Muslim Community Centre after the charity failed in its accounting requirements. READ MORE  

Middle East Monitor on IHRC’s campaign to protect Mosques

The Islamic Human Rights Commission (IHRC) has launched a campaign to help protect mosques from being bullied by the charities’ regulator in England and Wales into adopting policies that limit their ability to speak and preach aspects of Islam to their congregations. The move follows

Friends of Islamic Centre England write to Charity Commission

Friends of the Islamic Centre wrote an open letter to the Head of the Charity Commission to protest the recent decision to impose an interim manager to run the Islamic Centre of England. Read the first letter to the Charity Commission Read the response from

Press TV on London’s Islamic Centre

Watch the report by Press TV on the Outrage in the wake of the UK’s charity regulator’s shutting down of the Iran-affiliated Islamic Center of England. Watch here