A letter to the OHCHR regarding Sheikh Nimr’s death sentence

IHRC has reason to believe that Sheikh Nimr's execution may be imminent 

Letter to Metropolitan Police Commissioner regarding Al Quds Day 2017

IHRC raised concerns about a number of issues that arose during the Al Quds Day rally on 18 June 2017

UJN Pakistan Unity Declaration 1434 (Bodrum Declaration)

Full set of resources available of this historic meeting.

Justice for the Rohingyas

A collection of resources and links from IHRC in relation to the events taking place in Kashmir

Delegation investigating sectarianism in Malaysia and Indonesia

Resource page for the IHRC-led delegation in Malaysia and Indonesia

Letter to Mayor of London regarding his support for Al Quds...

The letter thanks the Mayor of London for his support for our right to peaceful protest

The Morocco 12

Campaign pack for twelve Moroccan students imprisoned for 15 years for being part of the JSM, a non-violent Islamic organisation.

Kampanya Bildirisi: 15 Yasinda ki Manchester United Tarafatari Bahreyn guvenlik gucleri...

Islamic Insan Haklari Komisyonu,( IHRC) kampanyaya katilmak isteyen kisilerden, Manchester United’in sponsoru olan Turk Hava Yollarina yazarak, olen Ahmed icin Manchester United’in 1 dakikalik saygi durusu yapmasini istmektedir.

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