Europe-wide Hijab Project

Please take 10 minutes to fill in a questionnaire to help assess the level of discrimination against Muslim women. This questionnaire can now be downloaded as a WordDoc and emailed back to IHRC.

Aafia Siddiqui Campaign


Don't forget this notorious case of US injustice

Letter to UN Secretary General regarding human rights violations in Bahrain

On the anniversary of the 14 February 2011 protest movement, IHRC is deeply concerned by the continued violations of human rights in Bahrain

Prevent Guidance for Scotland and Respect for Anti-war Campaigning

Open Letter to the Scottish Government on Prevent from Scotland Against Criminalising Communities. Supported by IHRC

Campaign Letter: Protest Regarding the Detention of Nadir Remli

Protest letter to BRITISH FOREIGN SECRETARY regarding the detention of Nadir Remli in Algeria

UK: Take action against mislabelling of dates in your local area

As part of the BDS campaign to boycott Israeli dates, please take action if you find a mislabelled box of dates. ...

Al-Quds Day 2020: Fly the Flag of Palestine

Support the Palestinian struggle in the face of the Israeli onslaught. Fly the flag and show resistance by taking action!

Awareness Raising Leaflet on Police Islamophobia in the UK

Donwload IHRC and LMC\'s leaflet outlining issues of recent police Islamophobia in the UK.

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