IHRC Event: 9/11 – The Hidden Victims

A seminar organised by the Islamic Human Rights Commission, looking at the events of the last year and the political and military fall-out that has affected civil liberties and human rights.

**World Chechnya Day** UK EVent Details, 23rd February

Memorial Service @ Yalta Memorial, Cromwell Gardens, South Kensington SW7 2SL


A film presentation that is made by a young activist to reflect the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.

Vigil outside Myanmar Embassy, London, UK 24 July

Vigil marks international day of solidarity with the Rohingya

Collective Expulsion: The case against Britain’s mass deportation charter flights

UK's Home Office has used specially chartered flights to deport rejected refugees and migrants en masse for 12 years now.

Detention Without Trial

Lives in Limbo in Britain

Human Rights Lecture Series, Haldane Society of Socialist Lawyers,

Torture evidence and the role of the Special Immigration Appeal Commission (SIAC), Israel, Palestine and Human Rights, Northern Ireland -Human Rights and the Democracy Deficit, Guantanamo Bay – Close it down now.

University of Southampton Ashura awareness campaign

Ahlulbayt Society which plans to hold an Ashura awareness campaign.

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