An Open Letter to Hamas on the Day of Al-Quds.

Some thought from a veteran activist

This is not a coup

A satirical analysis of Egypt’s military coup July 2013

This speech will not be made in Syria

As Obama orates in Berlin, Moosa Arendt wonders what an alternative message from the First Lady would sound like.

To Talha, Tony and Teresa on the Tyranny of European Values

Read Arzu Merali's Letter to the Europeans

Woolwich and the Muslim Response

Assed Baig takes a critical look at the culture of condemnation.

Hate crimes and backlash? It’s still the structure, stupid.

Arzu Merali argues that structural racism is the elephant in the room.

Boston Bombings: The West’s Selective Grieving

Blog post by Assed Baig on the Boston Attacks

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