Sandew Hira – Venezuela Analysis, 10 March 2019

Hira discusses the recent demonstrations and more.


If only you knew how the colour of your skinDictated your life experience, just a little melanin...

Impact of withholding funds on medical sector in Venezuela

Ahmed Kaballo of Press TV, reporting from Caracas, interviews a doctor on the problems caused by the withholding of funds by external actors (interview in Spanish).

Sandew Hira: Guaido’s return to Venezuela

Sandew Hira reflects on his experiences in Venezuela, and what the return of Guaido means.

Clashes and chaos on the Colombia-Venezuela border

Press TV reporter Ahmed Kaballo witnessed extraordinarily tense scenes between the Colombian and Venezuelan armies on 25 February...

Sandew Hira, Reflections from Caracas

Sandew Hira recounts his experiences on arrival in Venezuela. Recorded 26 February 2019.

Ramon Grosfoguel, Peoples Assembly

Grosfoguel is interviewed by Victoria Sirnes of Norway at the Peoples Assembly in Caracas on 28 February 2019.

Is the UK pushing a false narrative on Hezbollah?

Arzu Merali argues that the UK's ban on Hizbullah is the result in part of a capitulation to right wing thuggery and minority Zionist voices.In 2006, there was a war - another onslaught by the invincible...

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