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Author Evening with Na'ima B. RobertJoin IHRC for an author evening with Na'ima...

13. Defund the Pentagon

This week, Sandew Hira launches the idea of 'Defund the Pentagon'. Ramon Grosfoguel discusses the fundamentals of the concept with Hira.

Colonial and Decolonial in Venezuela

Watch these short videos from Ramon Grosfoguel discussing the colonial and racist attacks on Venezuela, and the possibilities of decolonial resistance.

Black History Month Sale

We have a couple of announcements that we want to share with you.New publication: Blackness and Islam /...

How much further will anti-Muslim policy go in the West?

What do the philosopher Rawls, neoliberalism and anti-Muslim hatred have to do with each other? Why should we care? Is Islamophobia...

Quran Time – Lockdown 3 Blog #4

We are updating our very first lockdown blog from last year Quarantine Quran Time.

12. An alternative for the Democratic Party

What are the next steps following on from the assault on Capitol Hill and the now clear fractures in US society? ...

Ayatollah Misbah Yazdi – Lockdown3 Blog #3

The world of Islam lost a great figure and scholar, with the passing of Ayatollah Mohammad-Taqi Mesbah-Yazdi on 1stJanuary 2021

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