Islamophobia: when the Whites lose their Triple A rating

Response to the question "Is France Islamophobic?" asked by Newsring.

Ramadan Journey with Imam Al Asi: Part Eight

Learn more about performing supplication during the month of Ramadan

Ramadan Journey with Imam Al Asi: Part Nineteen

Discussing Ramadan and The Battle of Badr

Marine A deserves life, not clemency

Shows of sympathy for a British Marine who murdered an Afghan insurgent highlight the savage nature of the War on Terror as well as a morally dangerous jingoism, according to Faisal Bodi

Ways of Seeing and Latter Day Muslim Blindness

On the passing of John Berger

Ramadan Journey with Imam Al Asi (2012): Part Two

Learn more about the health benefits of Ramadan

Ramon Grosfoguel, Peoples Assembly

Grosfoguel is interviewed by Victoria Sirnes of Norway at the Peoples Assembly in Caracas on 28 February 2019.

It’s still racism: Letters to some leaders post-GE15

In the wake of the shock Tory victory in the UK elections, Arzu Merali reflects on the problems of 'British' political culture in her letters to some of the winners and losers

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