Anti Terrorism laws

Event Report: Author Evening with Dr Leroy Logan – Closing Ranks

IHRC held an author evening with Leroy Logan on Tuesday, 14th September 2021, chaired by Raza Kazim. Dr Leroy Logan is a founding member of the Black Police Association Charitable Trust. Purchase Closing Ranks from the IHRC Bookshop. WATCH THE FULL EVENT HERE: Raza Kazim asked about

France: Understanding the Roots of the Anti-separatism Bill

Understanding France’s decades long attacks via law and policy against ‘problem’ communities, notably ‘Blacks’, ‘Arabs’, ‘Muslims’ and the ‘Banlieues’ is a prerequisite for anyone trying to make sense of the current anti-separatism bill. Yasser Louati argues that the only way to challenge French state racism

Why We Need to Get Beyond Regimes of Anti-terrorism, and Fast

From the unabashed appointment of an Islamophobe to review the UK’s counter-terrorism laws, to the social engineering intentions and impacts, the British government continues to marginalise  Muslims.  Massoud Shadjareh argues that getting beyond the agenda set by the Prevent policy by looking at the bigger

Event Report: Know Your Rights webinar

IHRC held a Know Your Rights webinar on 24 January 2021, hosted by Raza Kazim, with guest speakers Mudassar Arani, a solicitor, and Massoud Shadjareh, Chair of IHRC. People joined the live event from all over the world, with over 1,100 views on YouTube and