Minority rights

Minority rights

Combat Racism in the Labour Party

Background Action required Model Template Recipient contact information   Background Islamophobia and Afrophobia run rampant within the Labour Party as has been well documented by the Forde Report and files leaked and released by Al-Jazeera in the Labour Files. Yet still, there is no response


IHRC issues safety advice after attack on London worshippers

IHRC has issued safety advice to the Muslim community after two Muslim worshippers were injured when a group of thugs carrying bottles and hockey sticks launched a “racially aggravated” assault outisde a mosque earlier this week. The group attacked people going into Sri Lankan Muslim

Journalism in the Time of Trojan Horse

  Arzu Merali reflects on Serial’s podcast series of the infamous affair that resulted in a societal sea change for the worse against Muslims [substitute alternate teaser here]. Let me start with this. Serial is excellent and everyone needs to listen to it, even if,

Event Report: Author Evening with Dr Leroy Logan – Closing Ranks

IHRC held an author evening with Leroy Logan on Tuesday, 14th September 2021, chaired by Raza Kazim. Dr Leroy Logan is a founding member of the Black Police Association Charitable Trust. Purchase Closing Ranks from the IHRC Bookshop. WATCH THE FULL EVENT HERE: Raza Kazim asked about

Event Report: Children’s Rights to Express Solidarity with Palestine

Children have been targeted in schools for expressing solidarity with the people of Palestine.  Several schoolteachers as well as some headteachers have threatened to discipline children if they continue to express that solidarity in any way. Chaired by Mick Napier (Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign), IHRC