Minority rights

Minority rights

Complaint to Charity Commission re UK Toremet

IHRC wrote to the Charity Commission on 19 January 2024 regarding fundraising for the Israeli Defense Forces being facilitated by a UK based charity, UK Toremet (charity registration number 1140972). The text of the letter is pasted below. We are compelled to write to you

Hizb ut-Tahrir ban seeks to cover blood-soaked UK foreign policy

The government decision to proscribe as “terrorist” the political group, Hizb ut-Tahrir, is an authoritarian and flagrantly Islamophobic act that seeks to stifle opposition to the Israeli genocide in Gaza. By banning an organisation that the government itself has acknowledged is non-violent, British authorities are

Combat Racism in the Labour Party

Background Action required Model Template Recipient contact information   Background Islamophobia and Afrophobia run rampant within the Labour Party as has been well documented by the Forde Report and files leaked and released by Al-Jazeera in the Labour Files. Yet still, there is no response