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Death of Amirali Pyarali Merali Hashim

Inna lilla wa inna ilayhi rajioun: Amirali Pyarali Merali Hashim ‘[But] you, soul at peace: return to your Lord well pleased and well pleasing; So, enter among My (special) servants, and into My Garden.’ Q89:27-30 IHRC is saddened by the news of the passing of

Letter to schools to resist intimidation and gaslighting over Palestine support

Dear Head Teachers and School Leaders, Children’s education needs free debate on Israel-Palestine: stop the intimidation There have been many complaints from parents that their children have been reprimanded at school after making simple comments about Palestine, saying ‘Free Palestine’, wearing a Free Palestine badge

COVID-19 Hits Kaduna Prison, As My Mother Tested Positive

A heartfelt call from Mohammed Ibraheem Zakzaky 6 days ago after a routine visit to the Kaduna State prison by my parent’s doctors, my mother complained of fatigue, fever and a complete loss of the ability to smell. The doctors decided to carry out a

Murder by drone: killing with impunity Western style

Massoud Shadjareh, chairman of the Islamic Human Rights Commission, says that the West’s use of drones to murder their political foes needs to be challenged so that politicians can no longer kill with impunity. January 3 marks the first anniversary of the extra-judicial execution of

A Time for Apples and Horses: Let’s Stop Excusing Borat

This tweet from the Decolonial Atlas made my day. Two of history’s most consequential events were the domestications of the horse and the apple. Both happened in Kazakhstan. Maps: Naibin Duan, Brittanica — The Decolonial Atlas (@decolonialatlas) October 27, 2020 No commentary added.  No

IPSO needs to revise its code

IHRC is disappointed in IPSO’s ruling regarding Andrew Norfolk’s attacks on IHRC published in The Times last year.  The IPSO code continues to fail communities, groups and organisations from the impact of discrimination and discriminatory reporting that uses racist tropes.  We hope that future reviews


8 Theses on USA Imperialism and Anti-Imperialist Struggles in the 21st Century

Professor Ramón Grosfoguel’s latest essay looks at the possible scenarios that confront the anti-imperialist and decolonial struggles vis a vis the USA, its upcoming elections and its ongoing imperial decline. Overviewing 8 scenario / theses on the impact of different presidencies, the attacks on anti-imperial

Pro-Israel black-ops against activists must be condemned

The unmasking of a pro-Israel activist masquerading as an online anti-Semite has thrown a spotlight once again on the ‘black ops’ propaganda arm of Zionist activism.  Massoud Shadjareh discusses the need for this type of behaviour and organisation to be exposed and delegitimised. Edward Sutherland,