Decolonial Dialogues

12. An alternative for the Democratic Party

What are the next steps following on from the assault on Capitol Hill and the now clear fractures in US society? Many commentators are expecting a confrontation in 4 years time, and looking at Trump as the problem. However is that actually the case? What

11. The prospect for civil war in the USA

In the latest conversation, Sandew Hira and Ramon Grosfoguel look in detail at the repercussions of the storming of Capitol Hill on 6 January, based on their on-going conversations on the colonial nature of the USA.


Sandew Hira’s article originally appears on the Decolonial International Network website. Please visit to get more articles from, resources of and details of the network. Introduction The storming of Capitol Hill, the seat of the US government, on January 6 2021 by Trump supporters is

10: State and social movements in the USA

Watch Ramon Grosfoguel and Sandew Hira discuss these questions. What is the vision for social movements in the Global North? The USA, Canada, Europe, Japan, what are these movements fighting for from the view of decolonial theory? This conversation looks at liberalism, Marxism and decolonial

9. The State and Revolution

Liberalism as a view of the state as a neutral apparatus. Marxism has a class view of the state. What is a decolonial view of the state? Sandew Hira and Ramon Grosfoguel discuss.

7. The Nation State and Multi-Cultural Societies

How do we deal with these new societies that are arising in Western Europe that challenge the ethno- and religio-centric nation state? Sandew Hira and Ramon Grosfoguel look at how the extreme right narrative is impacting the political class in these countries.

6. The Rise of Fascism in Europe

The decline of Europe mirrors that of the US. After WW2 the migrations from the colonies has led to a demographic change. Sandew Hira and Ramon Grosfoguel discuss how the far right has be reinvigorated in Europe, and how in the past decades the extreme