Decolonial Dialogues

5. The US elections part 2

This week the Decolonial Dialogues continues with its overview of the US elections 2020. Sandew Hira asks where the US is heading in the coming years? Can we expect social disintegration. Ramon Grosfoguel and Sandew Hira discuss further the fact that Trump had 60 million

4. The US Elections part 1

The fourth session of Decolonial Dialogues, takes a diversion from its timetable due to the uncertainty in the days after the US election 2020. Ramon Grosfoguel looks at the overall context of the USA in the 21st Century, and the two forms of white supremacy.

2. Epistemology

The second episode in the Decolonial Dialogues series deals with knowledge production. What is knowledge and how is it produced from a decolonial view?

1. Why is there a decolonial movement?

Ramon Grosfoguel and Sandew Hira, two theoreticians and board members of the Decolonial International Network Foundation engage in decolonial dialogues to develop a coherent theoretical framework. This week they ask, “Why is there a decolonial movement?”