Five things to do and know: The Rohingya

Five things to do and know: The Rohingya

As the worsening situation for the Rohingya finally garners some world-wide attention, many people are trying to take action in their support.

IHRC has been working on this issue and trying to provide support to oppressed people in this region in concert with organisations in the region for many years and we suggest the following actions to be undertaken not just in this moment of crisis but as an ongoing campaign. We also call on concerned citizens to raise their level of awareness of the situation in order to properly assist the Rohingya and other oppressed people.

If you want to volunteer more of your time to support this particular cause please get in touch with us. Please email nadia[AT]

Things you can do:

  1. Raise money for aid for Rohingya refugees and internally displaced people. IHRC Trust is raising funds to be dispersed by MAPIM, a Malaysian NGO that has already sent over 2500 tonnes of aid to Myanmar and Bangladesh. MAPIM has also been instrumental in supporting Rohingya refugees in Malaysia.

You can donate to support Rohingya refugees by clicking here

  1. Write to the Embassy of Bangladesh / Bangladesh High Commission in your country demanding that they immediately allow the tens of thousands of refugees on the border into Bangladesh AND secure their safety. A model letter is pasted at the end of this alert, as well as a link to the addresses of embassies / high commissions in your country.*
  1. Please DO share information from reputable and reliable sources. IHRC has a resource page that indexes it recent and long-term work on this issue. Please find out about the context and details of the oppression of Muslims in Myanmar in general and the Rohingya in particular in this report for the situation under the junta and on this page for information on the situation more recently.

You can also find up to date information and context on the following sites:

Citizens International

Please DO NOT share images or news stories without verification.There are many fake images and stories being shared.This undermines the veracity of the Rohingya cause.

  1. Share these videos to raise awareness of the long-term issues:

Sheikh Azmi before the Freedom Flotilla 2017
Sheikh Azmi after the Freedom Flotilla 2017
Sheikh Azmi on the Rohingya at Genocide Memorial Day 2017
The Racist Monk of Myanmar (Ethnic cleansing of the Rohingya Muslims by the government in Myanmar)
IHRC Statement at the UN Human Rights Council 2011

  1. Join the IHRC mailing list dealing specifically on issues relating to the Rohingya by clicking here

IHRC is working on a number of long-term initiatives. Please help build support for long-term justice for the Rohingya by doing some of the above.

* Model letter to the Bangladesh High Commission / Embassy of Bangladesh in your country. Please find details of the embassy / high commission in your country here:

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Name of Ambassador / High Commission
Name and address of Embassy / High Commission

Your Excellency,

Re: Rohingya refugees already in and fleeing to Bangladesh

I am writing because I am gravely concerned about the situation of Rohingya refugees in and fleeing to Bangladesh.

Over the years there have been many horror stories reported about the abuse and maltreatment of Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh. This has been compounded in recent weeks and months by stories of the border being closed to Rohingya fleeing the most intense persecution in Myanmar.

I am writing to remind your government of its duties to refugees and to demand that you open your borders and provide refuge for those fleeing crimes against humanity and genocide. In not doing so your government has blood on its hands.

I look forward to your response confirming your immediate change in policy. Anything less would be a stain on the reputation of Bangladesh for generations to come.

Yours sincerely,

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