Five things to know and do: Sheikh El-Zakzaky, Mallimah Zeenah and Islamic Movement of Nigeria

Five things to know and do: Sheikh El-Zakzaky, Mallimah Zeenah and Islamic Movement of Nigeria

From: Islamic Human Rights Commission

Five things to know and do: Sheikh El-Zakzaky, Mallima Zeenah and the Islamic Movement of Nigeria

[Updated 29 July 2019 from 2 November 2018 version]

The deteriorating health of Sheikh El-Zakzaky who is suffering extreme lead poisoning, whilst in unlawful detention in Nigeria is a cause of great distress and demands urgent action. The decision by the court, hearing the application for his release to adjourn again for a week jeopardises the Sheikh’s health further. Watch and share this video, and read further below what you can do.

Attacks on the Islamic Movement of Nigeria intensify, with people killed and injured almost every day whilst they protest these detentions and all the other injustices, including detentions, killings, rapes and more that face those opposing corruption and injustice in Nigeria.

IHRC asks campaigners and concerned onlookers to find out more and take relevant action as outlined below.

If you want to volunteer more of your time to support this particular cause please get in touch with us. Please email Fatima.m[AT]

Things you can do:

1. Demand Sheikh El-Zakzaky and Mallimah Zeenah’s release now.

Both are in desperate need of urgent medical attention. 

Find a model letter and links to the addresses of the Nigerian Embassy / High Commission in your country here.

Find out about the urgency of this case by watching this 2 minute video

2. Donate to the victims

IHRC Trust is raising funds to be sent for immediate aid and long term aid to those injured or the families of those killed in the Zaria massacres and by the shootings and other attacks over the last few years.

You can donate to support the medical expenses of those injured in the last few days by clicking here.

Please share this video to help with fundraising for this urgent cause.  Please contact the office on +44 20 8904 4222 or email wajahat[AT] for a WhatsApp / Messenger / Telegram version to be sent to you.

3.  Please DO share information from reputable and reliable sources.

Please see the links below. Please find out about the context and details of the oppression of the Islamic Movement in the current context by reading IHRC’s report to the International Criminal Court. Find out more about the nature of the movement including its non-sectarian make-up and aims from Nusaibah El-Zakzaky Find all the latest news on the IHRC website here.

Please DO NOT share images or news stories without verification.  There are many fake images and stories being shared.  This undermines the veracity of the cause.

4.  Share these videos to raise awareness of the long-term issues


IHRC WEEKLY MESSAGE: Sheikh Zakzaky & Nigeria (approx. 3 mins), March 2018

Message from a Nigerian Christian (approx. 1 min) September 2018

United Nations Side Panel: Human Rights in Nigeria (approx. 48 mins)

Nigeria:  The Zaria Massacres and the Role of the Military (approx. 1 hr, 5 mins) October, 2014

The Zaria Massacre (approx. 23 mins) December 2015

5.  Join the IHRC mailing list dealing specifically on issues relating to the Islamic Movement of Nigeria

You can do so by clicking here

IHRC is working on a number of long-term initiatives. Please help build support for long-term justice for the Islamic Movement in Nigeria by doing some of the above.

Please share this page with all who are interested.

Free Zakzaky!

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