Flying the Flag of Palestine – video wall

Watch and share the messages from around the world on why you should #FlyTheFlag of Palestine this #AlQudsDay2020.

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Suhaila Zakzaky, Nigeria

Islamic Human Rights Commission, a founding member of the Decolonial International Network based in London, has taken the initiative to express solidarity with the Palestinian people in the times of Covid-19. The aim of this initiative is to create a space of solidarity in the times of Covid-19 that acknowledge the fact that Palestinians have been quarantined for decades by brute military force, while the rest of world experience being quarantined for health reasons.DIN supports this initiative and calls upon people across the world to join this sea of solidarity.The essence of the initiative is to express a message of solidarity with the Palestinian people. The expression can take any form you wish:1. You can use your social media account to convey your message of solidarity. You can use the official flag of Palestine. You can download it here. You let your friends know that you have not forgotten the suffering of the Palestinian people and ask them to join you in this effort in your own language. You can add the flag to your social media profiles2. You can use any means of messaging: a text, a visual (image, video), a song, a poem etc.3. You can print the flag and out it where people can see and join. Take a photo and twee it to @ihrc #FlyTheFlag #AlQudsDay2020 or send us an email: If you are part of an organization, ask your organization to sign the call by IHRC.A large part of the Palestinian population are Muslims. This year Ramadan falls between April 23rd and May 22nd. Every year on May 15 Palestians commemorated the Nakba their holocaust.This year we call upon people to express their solidarity messages in the last week of Ramadan from Friday May 15th till Friday May 22nd. Be creative in times of Corona and show your solidarity with the oppressed people of Palestine.Here is my message of solidarity

Gepostet von Sandew Hira am Sonntag, 26. April 2020
Sandew Hira, Netherlands
Demir Mahmutcehajic, Bosnia
Solidarity from Nigeria
Flying the flag in Germany
Mick Napier, Scotland
From Fatemah in Lebanon
Sayed Abbas Aylya
Massoud Shadjareh
What Would the Prophet (saw) Do?
Rabbi Yisroel Dovid Weiss, USA
Father Dave, Australia
Mohideen AbdelKader, malaysia
Sheikh Azmi, Malaysia
Houria Bouteldja, France
Massoud Shadjareh, England
Mohammed Khani, Denmark
Stay Home, #FlyTheFlag