Bahrain: Martyrs fall as Khawaja’s plight challenges world morality and ethics


She was taken to hospital where her condition continued to deteriorate over the past three months. Khadija was of good health and never suffered serious illnesses before. The Alkhalifa junta is now targeting the population with these chemical gases to ensure their gradual extermination. The number of Bahrainis killed by those lethal gases has risen to around 35.

Meanwhile the body of Martyr Ahmad Ismael who was killed last week with live ammunition has not yet been handed to his family. The Alkhalifa junta forged his death certificate to indicate that his death was a result of misadventure or as a result of unwarranted act by unknown people. The family refused to receive his body until the Death Certificate said the death was due to firing by members of the security forces. The regime is thus directly implicated in the killing of Ahmad Ismael whose body still remains in the hands of the regime. This is a replication of the case of Martyr Fadhel Al Ubaidi who was killed in March with live bullets from the security forces. The Alkhalifa dictatorship wanted to change the Death Certificate by the family refused to take the body. The same story happened with Martyr Yousif Al Mawali who was killed in January but his funeral was not held until 21st February because of the attempts by the authorities to falsify the official document to shift the blame away from the regime.

At another level, the health of the international human rights activist remains in the balance; He is likely to died any moment as his body becomes weaker by the day. He has been on hunger strike for the past two months and has refused to take in any solid food. His condition has deteriorated rapidly in the past few days and has been transferred to the military hospital to force feed him. His condition has become an international issue with hundreds of human rights bodies condemning the Alkhalifa gang for mistreating and killing Bahrainis. Mr Khawaja started his hunger strike on 8thFebruary in protest at his continuing detention even after the BICI report that called for the release of the leading figures including himself. Mr Khwaja wanted to bring to the attention of the world the unsuitability of this gang to rule a modern and educated society and expose the complicity of some Western governments in the mistreatment of Bahrainis.

It is now known that the Alkhalifa and their American and British backers are in deep trouble as to what to do with Mr Khawaja after it had been established that he is a prisoner of conscience and is being targeted for mistreatment for expression his view points. His eldest daughter, Zainab was arrested by the Alkhalifa killers and she, herself, has gone on hunger strike in support of her father. Many people in the world have also begun hunger strikes in protest against the continued support by Washington and London to this dictatorial rule and the double standards adopted by the West, especially their support to a regime that has become a serious liability to its own supporters especially in Washington and London.

International media has taken interest in the case of Abdul Hadi Al Khawaja, with many international forces calling for the F1 car race not to be organized by the Al; Khalifa hereditary dictatorship. Newspapers such as The Washington Post, the New York Times have expressed dismay at the lack of support to the democracy movement in Bahrain with senior political figures calling for the immediate release from Al-Khalifa jails of human rights activists. The calls for abandoning F1 race in Bahrain have been colossal. It is now likely to be cancelled as Bahrain continues to boil. The 1996 Formula One world champion Damon Hill has urged the sport to consider “the pain, anger and tension in Bahrain” before deciding to go ahead with the Grand Prix there. The Bahraini revolutionaries have threatened to carry out massive revolts if F1 is held in the country. It is now almost a unanimous verdict that F1 management and teams will have abandoned their human principles, supported hereditary dictatorship and ignored the plight of the dead, the tortured and the injured if it they insist on holding the race in Bloody Bahrain.

Bahrain Freedom Movement
8th April 2012