Bahrain: Yates, Timoney apparatus tortures a boy

Instead, she was martyred this morning as a result of excessive inhalation of chemical gases fired by the security forces at her town of Aali. Last week she was taken to hospital after the incident following a massive attack on the town and her home in particular. After a week she was released only to inhale more of it as the attacks on Bahraini towns and villages with these fatal chemical gases were sustained. Today’s announcement of her premature departure from this life is yet any sad episode in the struggle by Bahrainis to rid themselves of the Al Khalifa murderous dictatorship. The number of martyrs has now risen to 79.

Last Sunday 19th March another young man was martyred in the same way. Sabri Mahfoodh, 27, from Sharakkan, succumbed to the effects of the chemical gases he had inhaled the previous day. His death bore all signs of agony as it was slow and painful. One day earlier, another martyr ascended to heaven in the same recurring way. Jaffar Jassim Radhi, 41, from Al Maqsha passed away days after inhaling those chemical gases which have been deployed against Bahrainis in excessive amounts since John Timoney and John Yates took charge of the police and security forces. The past few months since they arrived in Bahrain there have been at least 35 deaths at the hands of their forces. While most have been the result of chemical gases inhalation, others were killed under torture (Yousuf Al Mawali) and by police guns (22-years old Fadhel Al Obaidi). Their outrageous criminal acts have now dwarfed the torture crimes committed by the notorious Ian Henderson.

Since the arrival of John Timony and John Yates, torture has become more rampant. The dual are now engaged in one of the most atrocious and outrageous campaigns to against the people of Bahrain, as they attempt to crush the opposition with all means of repression. The latest in these crimes is that of Ali Al Singace, from the town of Sanabis. The 15-years old boy was kidnapped on his way to school, abducted, tortured and sexually assaulted. His ordeal continued for several hours before he was dumped at a garage and locked in. His cries attracted passers by who broke the lock and saved the boy. His hands were bound under his legs and his body had deep razor cuts with blooding pouring from his wounds. He was subjected to horrific treatment by the men of Timoney and Yates for refusing to work for their security apparatus.  Demonstrations erupted calling for the punishment of the torturers who are directed by the American and British cops. Calls have been made to Navi Pillay to intervene and take action against the torture machine operated by Timoney and Yates.

The lives of several senior political figures who are languishing behind bars are under serious threat. Of particular cause for worry is that of Abdul Hadi Al Khawaja, the renowned international human rights activist. He has now completed six weeks of hunger strike in protest against his continued detention for his peaceful of opinion. He has lost great amount of weight and has been transformed into a skeleton, unable to walk or move. Together with the other senior political figures, Mr Khawaja should have been released several months ago. The Bissioni report, funded by the regime, had called for the release of political prisoners who had been jailed for peaceful expression of opinion. But the Al Khalifa have refused to end their ordeal, hoping that time would turn the tide in its favour. The anger against this dictatorial rule has reached the point of no-return and all hopes of reconciliation between the people of Bahrain and the Al Khalifa rulers have faded.

The sectarian campaign launched by the ruling Al Khalifa against the majority Shia Muslims of Bahrain shows no signs of abating. In addition to 53 religious sites confirmed by the Bissioni report to have been demolished, an ancient mosque has been desecrated. Sa’saa ibn Sawhan’s Mosque in the South of the country has become the latest religious site to be attacked by pro-Alkhalifa militia, destroying part of this historic mosque. Calls have been made for the international community to take action in order to insure the safe being of the majority of Bahrainis.

Bahrain Freedom Movement