Citizen India – Background

No CAA, Grafitti at Shaheen Bagh protests, New Delhi, 8 January 2020, (c) DiplomatTesterMan CC4

[25 April 2020]. To find out more and take part in IHRC’s campaign for equality in India please visit the Citizen India page.


India has been gripped over decades, by increasing anti-Muslim rhetoric, policies and violence. This has culminated in the enactment of the Citizenship Act at the end of 2019. This page provides link to background reading material that explains:

(i) Why the Citizenship Amendment Act creates unequal and second class citizenship for Muslim;

(ii) What forms of discrimination against Muslims and various communities is taking place in India;

(iii) What are some of the causes of this;

(iv) Some current and previous examples and case studies of atrocities committed against persecuted groups.

From Nellie to Shaheen Bagh: India’s inherent contradictions come to a violent head. Zulkarnain Banday provides a context going back to pre-Independence for the current upsurge of anti-Muslim violence. April 2020

Why the slow drip of anti-Muslim poison in India is now a flood. Samar Halankar looka at the prevalence and history of anti-Muslim discourse in politics and the media. April 2020

How Hindu supremacists are tearing India apart. Samanth Subramanian looks at the seven decade build up to current events. February 2020

Gujarat – Ongoing Genocide. Sultana Tafadar sources accounts from eyewitnesses and survivors who gave harrowing accounts of gang rapes, mass slaughter, brutal mutilation and burning of bodies illustrating the shocking level of brutality suffered by the Muslim population. 2002.