Khairat Al-Shater, 10 years in prison, is it not time to set him free?

I still remember the first time that I wrote condemning the wave of brutal detentions targeting the best sons of the nation and I did not imagine that day that many years will pass with me still living this painful nightmare. My father and his companions still remain detained behind bars.
Four years have passed and here I am writing with mixed feelings including honour and pride. My father’s patience and sacrifice illustrate his faith in his sublime goals in which he lived to accomplish where he is now paying the price.
His absence causes us much suffering, and wrenches my family’s heart. We are now into the fourth anniversary of these unfair provisions. All in all he has spent an overwhelming ten years in prison. Words fail to describe the immensity of the event as hearts complain and seek Allah’s refuge. How can I tell of long days where the hands were raised aspiring Allah’s mercy, sacrificing His reward and shedding tears at night? Truly, I hesitate writing about his wife and companion who has lived the repeated scenes and has suffered for a long time enduring far too much. She has been deprived of her husband or should I write about a mother overwhelmed and deprived of seeing her son?
During his absence, celebrations, feasts, sons’ milestones, daughters’ weddings, childbirths, and his parents’ deaths have all taken place. Young children have become adults and adults have become elderly.
He has always worried about his nation and devoted his life and liberty to the pursuit of justice along with his concerns about his family. He was always preoccupied to dispel people’s worries. And now the doctors claim he is ill, suffering from a weak heart. In fact, my father suffers from many diseases, ending his days in darkness, locked in his cell and we are unable to do anything.
Let me tell you about the Military tribunals, and its unfair decisions. Security forces stole our happiness and smiles turned to sorrow after Civilian courts had twice ordered his release, and he was referred to martial court
My Father’s suffering hurts us and we have missed his presence for more than ten years.

“My Father’s suffering hurts us and we have missed his presence for more than ten years.” Zahraa al-Shater

I address those who do injustice against my father by asking them a question similar to that of Abu Bakr’s daughter when she said, Is it not time to set him free? Is it not time this nightmare end? Is it not time to stop this litigation and injustice? It is an immoral feud leveled against Eng. Al-Shater which reveals the tyranny of Mubarak’s regime. He did not commit a violent crime nor was he convicted of violent felonies, on the contrary, Al-Shater is renowned for his ‘moderate views on Islamic  issues.
He is the first political prisoner to have his assets frozen. Not only because of the 1992 well known, Salsabeel case where he was imprisoned for one year despite the fact that he did not pay bribes nor steal public money. It is evident that the judiciary is politically motivated with the military tribunal referrals despite civilian court acquittals. These measures contradict and violate the Egyptian constitution and are breaches to human rights.
No individual has been subjected to the injustices and sentenced without evidence as much as Al-Shater. He challenges any person to offer proof which will indict him to the unjust and fabricated charges leveled against him.
This triggers me to ask why Al-Shater? What has he done to deserve such hostility? He has never provoked or antagonized any individual nor has he ever planned to run for office; he has however  sought to positively and peacefully interact with others always demonstrating tolerance.
These injustices serve and benefit no-one but the do expose Egypt ‘s deteriorating and discriminating situation and neglect of human rights.
Al-Shater holds no grudges and has and always will follow his path for freedom and human rights for the well being of Egypt and his fellow countrymen regardless of the sacrifices and hardships.  He has full faith in Allah the Almighty.
By: Zahraa al-Shater, IKHWANWEB.COM