Massoud Shadjareh on the Charity Commission and Islamophobia


Massoud Shadjareh discusses the accusations of the Charity Commission against the Islamic Human Rights Commission Trust (the charitable arm of the organisation).

IHRC got sight of a letter to the Charity Commission from Islamic Human Rights Commission Trust asking why it (the Charity Commission) had given a comment to the British newspaper The Daily telegraph, stating that they were investigating it, when they had refused to give any information to the trust itself despite numerous requests. Details of the complaint can be found here.

Listen to Shadjareh’s explanation of the Islamophobic campaign by the Charity Commission looking at their focus on Muslim and pro-Palestinian activism. Listen to his segment on Loud & Clear below and the full show underneath.

Listen to “Baseless charges target Islamic Human Rights Commission” on Spreaker.

The Charity Commission in the UK accused the London-based Islamic Human Rights Commission of anti-Semitism and challenged its legal structure, saying that it was designed to support terrorism. The charge, of course, is ridiculous. But it points to a trend whereby people and organizations that support the rights of Palestinians are somehow anti-Semitic and support terrorism. In the audio above, Massoud Shadjareh, founder of the Islamic Human Rights Commission, joins the show.

Listen to the full show here.