IHRC marks Genocide Memorial Day to prevent future atrocities

GMD, London, UK, 2020, panel 1

Press TV’s Bianca Rahimi covered the London, UK event. Watch the video or read the article.

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Report on Genocide Memorial Day, 19 January 2020

Bianca Rahimi

Press TV, London

Speakers from the US, Iran and Venezuela had some damning evidence to share at this year’s genocide memorial day. They say there are patterns emerging that prove genocide is happening right now, and the main culprit is Washington. Professor Roman says tens of thousands are dying each year in Venezuela because of sanctions.

The US is orchestrating the sudden economic decline of many nations and effectively killing people in droves by. The country the US is applying these strategies most fervently in is Iran.

Having lost its wars in countries like Afghanistan Iraq and Yemen, Washington is trying to force regime change in the Islamic republic by making life very difficult for its 80 million strong population. People with rare diseases are dying because of sanctions that make importing life saving drugs very difficult and push prices through the roof.

Pharmaceutical companies, afraid of violating US sanctions, are refusing to sell Iran drugs. So far Iran has withstood the attacks on its sovereignty though. And despite all the bad news, observers say there is hope.

In Iran’s case, Europe, which has failed to save the Iran nuclear deal the US withdrew from in 2018, is condemned for being complacent in the face of US bully tactics.

The goal of today’s event was to assess genocides throughout history so that the younger generation can recognize the signs and prevent future atrocities.

Conventional methods of declaring and waging wars have changed as have methods of committing genocide. But the experts say the international community has woken up to this, and can change the tide of events.