Nigeria Digest #109

Nigeria Digest #109

Islamic Human Rights Commission
Nigeria Digest #109 (Volume 3 Issue 41) – Take Action: Write to the IFJ about the journalists killed whilst covering #FreeZakzaky protests in Nigeria

Police shot dead 15 Year old #FreeZakzaky protester. Sheikh’s trial is adjourned until 23-24 April 2020. Last week, 87 members of the Islamic Movement were acquitted and discharged by the Kaduna High Court.

You can find all the latest actions and information, as well as background to the campaign, information, videos, audio, and details on the Sheikh on the Free Zakzaky campaign page. The Nigeria Digest is a weekly summary of the campaign to #FreeZakzaky and all who are illegally detained, focusing on the Islamic Movement of Nigeria.

Action Alert

This week, once again police opened fire on innocent #FreeZakzaky protesters and shot dead a 15 year old protester. Sheikh Zakzaky and Muallima Zeenah’s trial is adjourned until 23-24 April 2020. Last week on 21 Febrary 2020, 87 members of the Islamic movement were acquitted and discharged by the Kaduna High Court, for their alleged role in the death of a member of the security forces during the infamous Zaria massacre in 2015.

Please help support those injured by police brutality, and the families of those killed by the security services, by donating to the IHRC Trust Nigeria Fund here.

Above all, please remember all the oppressed in your dua.


We request all campaigners to write a letter to the International Federation of Journalists about the journalists killed whilst covering #FreeZakzaky protests in Nigeria. A model email / letter is also provided should you wish to use it. Please keep all correspondence polite.

Model Email / Letter
If you are emailing please use following in the subject line
Urgent – Save Journalists and the Innocent Protesters

Your name
Your address
Mr. Ernest Sagaga
Head of Human Rights and Safety
International Federation of Journalists
Rue de la Loi 155
B-1040 Brussels

Dear Mr. Ernest Sagaga

Re: Save Nigerian Journalists and the Innocent Protesters
I am sure you are aware that Alex Ogbu is the second journalist killed in less than 6 months by Nigerian forces in Nigeria whilst covering #FreeZakzaky Protests. Alex was killed by Police fire on 21 January 2020 when security forces opened direct fire on peaceful #FreeZakzaky protesters in the Nigerian capital Abuja. Police initially lied about the cause of death stating the journalist died after he slipped and hit his head on a rock but eye witnesses and the hospital confirmed he was killed by a gunshot.

In a similar incident on 22 July 2019 another TV journalist Precious Owolabi was killed by direct Police fire whilst covering a peaceful #FreeZakzaky protest by the Islamic Movement of Nigeria in Abuja.
The Islamic movement is protesting against the illegal detention of their leader Sheikh Ibrahim Zakzaky. Security forces regularly attacked #FreeZakzaky protests with live bullets, killed, injured and detained hundreds of them.

On 02 December 2016 the Federal High Court in Abuja ruled that Sheikh Zakzaky and Muallimah Zeenah should be released within 45 days. The court described their detention, which began in December 2015 as illegal and unconstitutional. The deadline for the court order expired on 16 January 2017 but the Nigerian Government has refused to obey the court order. The Nigerian government has kept them detained illegally for over four years now and Sheikh Zakzaky and his wife still remain in the custody of the state, in clear contempt of the court order.

I urge your office to play an active role to save innocent lives. Call for an independent investigation to these extra judicial killings. The Nigerian government and army needs to be held accountable for these crimes.
I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours Sincerely,

IFJ Contact Details
IPC-Residence Palace, Bloc C
Rue de la Loi 155
B-1040 Brussels


15 Year old Shahid Jawad Martyred by Police in Kaduna during Free Zakzaky Procession laid to rest in Zaria
27 February 2020

Shahid Jawad Aminu Liman was killed yesterday Wednesday the 26th of Feb 2020 during free Zakzaky protest by men of Police who opened fire with live ammunitions on men, women and children, as a result, the 15 yr old Jawad Aminu unfortunately lost his life instantly. Many sustained severe injuries of varying degrees. Shahid Jawad was laid to rest in Darur Raham burial ground at Dembo Village Zara on Thursday the 27th of February 2020.
Click here for further details.

Sheikh El-Zakaky Court Updates – 24 February 2020
IHRC Alert – 24 February 2020

Updates from the resumption of the trial at Kaduna High Court follow below. 

[12.36] The trial is adjourned until 23-24 April 2020.

[11.35] The trial is adjourned. Details to follow.

[11.15] As the court session resumes, counsel to both parties, Sheikh Zakzaky and Malama Zeenah have all moved to the Judge’s chamber as the Prison head is summoned.

[09.37] Court has taken a short recess. It will resume at 12noon.

[09.35] The Judge summons the Prison head, inquiring at to why the the defendants have been blocked from getting medical attention. Click here for further details.

IHRC Press Release: Nigeria court acquits last indicted Islamic Movement members
21 February 2020

IHRC welcomes the decision by a court in Nigeria today ordering the release of the last remaining Islamic Movement members detained following a government massacre of the group’s supporters in 2015.

87 members of the movement were acquitted and discharged by the Kaduna High Court today for their alleged role in the death of a member of the security forces during the massacre in Zaria by armed forces in which over 1000 innocent people are believed to have been killed. To date, no public official has been charged with any of the deaths.

The decision leaves only the movement’s leader, Sheikh Ibrahim el-Zakzaky and his wife Zeenah, undergoing prosecution.

Security Forces Arrested Leading Follower of Sheikh Zakzaky
21 February 2020
Nigerian security forces arrested Malam Kabeer Imam Malumfashi, and his two sons Imam and Ali, yesterday on 21 February 2020, at his residence in Malumfashi town Katsina, Nigeria. Malam Kabeer is the leading follower of Sheikh Zakzaky in the town. Click here for details.

Released Brothers Well Received in their Localities
22 February 2020
Brothers released by Hght Court Judge in Kaduna on Friday the 21st of Feb 2020 were well received in their various localities after acquitted from all charges against them by Kaduna State Government for lack of evidence. They spent over four years in Prison. Click here for details

brothers released on fri 21 feb 2020 received in their areas

#FreeZakzaky Protest in Abuja
20 February 2020
Daily #FreeZakzaky protest staged by unrelenting followers of Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky (H), demanding for immediate and unconditional release of the Sheikh from unlawful detention, at Wuse II of FCT, Abuja.

Murderous Nigeria Police attack Religious Procession At Misau, injured 15
17 February 2020

More than 15 people, including children and women were injured in Misau, Bauchi state when murderous Nigerian police attacked a religious procession, organised by the sisters of Islamic Movement of Nigeria, marking the auspicious birthday of Sayyedah Fatima (SA), the daughter of the Prophet (SAWA). 

The police fired canisters of teargas initially and few minutes later fired live ammunition on the people. The procession held peacefully in more than 50 cities & towns of Nigeria.


London: Sheikh Zakzaky Presser
Published on 02 August 2019
Nigeria presser, Arzu Merali answers media questions.

An Appeal for Victims of Violence in Nigeria
Published on 27 May 2019
The Nigerian authorities have attacked the Islamic Movement of Nigeria leaving dozens dead. They need your help now. Support medical costs for those injured in police and army violence against the Islamic Movement. Support the families of those killed.


Click here to read the Arzu Merali’s blog on Sheikh Zakzaky “Zakzaky is not Thomas Becket; Buhari be warned” published on 22 February 2019.

Click here to read the IHRC Press Release published on 02 July 1998 “Nigerian junta should release all political prisoners regardless of their faith”

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