Volume 2 – Issue 1

Volume 2 – Issue 1

The Story of “Israeli” Aggression

Rima Fakhry gives a personal view of the recent Israeli aggression and discusses how it was only the latest in a long series of attacks stretching back almost 60 years. With each attack, the Lebanese people have become stronger and realized that armed resistance is the only way to repel Zionist aggression.

What does Israel Want?

The sixth war between Israel and the Arab world, like so many other cases in history, has a complex background: the long term history of the Zionist presence in Palestine is one way of explaining what occurred on Lebanon’s soil in July and August this year. A closer look at the specific Israeli policies in the last six years, is another. This long term history is discussed in the first part of this article and it is connected, in the second part to the more immediate background leading to the destruction of Lebanon and the Gaza Strip in the summer of 2006.


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