The Story of “Israeli” Aggression

The Story of “Israeli” Aggression

Abstract: Rima Fakhry gives a personal view of the recent Israeli aggression and discusses how it was only the latest in a long series of attacks stretching back almost 60 years. With each attack, the Lebanese people have become stronger and realized that armed resistance is the only way to repel Zionist aggression.

The Zionist aggression against the people and territory of this region started with the initiation of the Zionist settlement operation, and this, of course, took place before 1948. The Zionists, taking the advantage of their potency in the centres of world decision, took the decision to build a state in Palestine. Using whatever it took from killing, cunningness and terrorism, they even killed Jewish people who were widespread in Europe, the United States and many other countries, in order to mislead the Jewish public opinion and made them believe that they were exposed to annihilation, and as such they were told to emigrate acrimoniously, to create a Jewish state in Palestine. Those Zionists exerted against the Palestinian people the most awful and horrible ways of murder, destruction and eviction. This situation does not apply only to the Palestinians but was also extended to the people of neighbouring Arab countries, for a lot of massacres were committed in Lebanon, Syria, Jordan and Egypt. We could notice that, because Lebanon welcomed the Palestinian refugees, and because of the demographic composition of this country where a lot of sects and confessions live within its borders, Lebanon represented the main victim for the state of “Israel”. The scenes of awful massacres have been extended everywhere as hundreds and even thousands of the Lebanese and the Palestinians lost their lives. Among these massacres were Houla, Sabra, Shatila , Qana, Marwaheen, Mansourie, Sreifa, and countless other massacres resulting in a huge number of martyrs, disabled, orphans, and bereaved.

The Lebanese people in the South, despite their endless suffering, were ready to present countless sacrifices. Whenever the attacker Zionist army wanted to plunge into safe villages, it used to kill people in a collective way, as well as kidnapping people, burning the harvest, killing the domestic animals; the army used to even to steal the money of the people. Further, the battle planes of this state used to fly in our skies whenever they wanted to and peal on any place in Lebanon, from the South, to the North, to Bekaa, even reaching Beirut. Lebanon had also seen a lot of “Commando” operations, where the Zionists used to sneak into the country in order to kill the Lebanese and Palestinian freedom fighters without any impediment. All what I have mentioned up till now is historically known, and the related data is archived accurately but there is no space to provide further details.

Briefly, the Lebanese people lived in a catastrophic situation since 1948, and the situation worsened as a result of an Israeli invasion launched against Lebanon in 1982, resulting in the killing of thousands of people in addition to the total destruction of almost two thirds of the country, the imprisonment of thousands of prisoners, the creation of tens of thousands of handicapped and injured, and not to mention the humiliation of the people. Put briefly, a tragedy that cannot be described.

To confront such a situation we have:

  • A weak Lebanese government that was split by the civil war and traps, which if we made a precise examination we would find that the Americans and the Zionists were the main motivators of such traps.
  • Lebanese citizens who refused to submit to the humiliation of the occupier, and thus stand for patriotic, religious and ideological reasons. Consequently, those citizens took the initiative and brought weapons and fought the invading Israeli Army.

From this long story, the story of a holy war which is 20 years long, through which the Lebanese delivered major sacrifices, but this time these sacrifices were full of pride and honor.

Since the beginning of the resistance in Lebanon, a new equation took place:

  1. when the Zionists wanted to kill our people, then a response would take place resulting in the killing of a number of their citizens.
  2. If their soldiers wanted to occupy our land, we will punish and kill the occupiers.
  3. If they abolish our homes, villages and our country’s infrastructure, again as a response their homes, villages and their infrastructures will be destroyed too.

With the presence of resistance , the time in which we die alone alongside our homes, and villages does no longer exist and that is what we have called ‘the equilibrium of horror”.

This equation continued to rule the game since 25 May, 2000, and throughout this period. The Resistance exercised its right, if not duty, of resisting the Israeli occupier in the Lebanese Shebaa farms which is considered a vital piece of the Lebanese land, and is known for its natural beauty, as it contains the most important ski centres in the region, besides its richness of water.

Moreover, the Resistance exercised its duty of liberating the Lebanese prisoners from the enemy prisons, by capturing two Israeli soldiers, and one Israeli security service man. Accordingly, the Resistance was able through indirect negotiations to liberate a large number of our prisoners, as a number of them remained for around 15 years in the Israeli prisons.

In spite of the military operations of the Resistance in the Shebaa farms and its ability of killing and injuring a number of Israeli soldiers, and despite the capturing operation that I have mentioned, the Israeli army didn’t launch any invasion against Lebanon. More than that, the Israeli response remained constrained to “the April understanding” and the equilibrium of horror.

What made the “Israelis” this time launch such a wide, violent and bloody military operation?

To answer such a question we need to read the political and military situation in addition to the equilibrium of balance in the Middle East region. Even though there is much to say in this field, I will summarize the situation by listing the main reasons as follows:

Since the arrival of George Bush junior into office in the United States, and the entering of the Neo-Conservatives into decision making centres in the state administration, the situation has changed and a number of plans have been set to control the region of the Middle East for particular reasons and considerations, such as:

  1. The significant strategic position of this region, as taking control of this region would imply controlling the world.
  2. This region embraces around three quarters of the world oil reserves, which is of considerable importance especially for the Industrial countries.
  3. Presenting increasingly support and protection for “Israel”
  4. Limiting the spread of the Islamic religion and the abolishment of all its symbols and the curtailment of its sacred places for the sake of Masonry and Christian-Zionism.

As such, to achieve these goals and others, there was a need to launch a strike against the bloc of objection, and the elements of this bloc in this region.

  1. Therefore, we have seen the occupation of Iraq, and the curtailment of its strategic role and the destruction of its power and capabilities.
  2. Launching painful strikes against the forces of Resistance and “Intifada” in occupied Palestine.
  3. Constructing a siege to blockade Syria in an effort to subordinate or overthrow its regime.
  4. Pressuring the Islamic Republic of Iran by accusing it of seeking to acquire nuclear weapons, as the result of developing facilities of nuclear power.
  5. Blockading Hezbollah by issuing a new UN Security Council resolution 1559 calling for its disarmament.

The State administration in cooperation with Israel, a number of European countries and some Arab regimes, collaborated to implement a scheme that would enable the United States to control the region of the Middle East.

This issue is well recognized and could be noticed by any pursuer of this war and the Israeli aggression on Lebanon and its Resistance. They wanted to launch a painful strike against the Resistance for it represents a fundamental circle in the chain that symbolizes the power of objection against the American-Zionist aims to subordinate the region of the Middle East.

But thanks to Gods’ will, the freedom fighters of the Resistance, and the military and political performance of the Hezbollah leadership, the Israeli and American aims were not fulfilled; Lebanon won this battle along with both the Arab and Islamic world in addition to all the nobles around the world.

This hostile project against the Resistance in Lebanon will not stop, and they are preparing themselves to continue this scheme and will take advantage of any possible chance to defy the Resistance.

But let everyone be confident that this Resistance is strong, full of courage, advanced, and knows very well its way, and will never be defeated.

Prepared by :Rima Fakhry,a member of the political council of Hizbollah
Translated to English Language by: Zeinab Araji

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