IHRC Newsletter 2005

The tenth anniversary of the genocide in Srebrenica was commemorated on the cover of this year’s newsletter.  The failure of the international community to act at the time of the genocide and the insipid apologies barely forthcoming at the current time are both shameful acts.

The shocking and terrible events of 7/7 marked the year in the UK.  As with the post 9-11 scenario, Muslims suffered backlash attacks on the streets.  IHRC notednoted however that the immediate police and media response to the event was much better than after 9-11.  Sadly the comments of Prime Minister Tony Blair simply vilified Islam and Muslims.

With these events dominating, the newsletter focuses on the activities and protest against the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as the shooting of Jean Charles de Menezes.

IHRC events reported in this newsletter include the annual Al-Quds Day, the landmark conference ‘Towards a New Liberation Theology: Reflections on Palestine’ and the ‘End the Occupation’ conference organised by FOSIS Ireland and IHRC.

This newsletter also looks at the civil liberties black hole in the UK, as well as overviewing ongoing prisoner of faith and other campaigns.  It contains a call to remember the ongoing suffering of those detained in Guantanamo Bay.

Download the PDF and find out more.  If you want to receive a hard copy of the newsletter every year, please contact the IHRC office on +442089044222 or email info@ihrc.org.  If you want to distribute the newsletter in your area please let us know.

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