9/11: The Hidden Victims – Conference Audio


One year on since the attacks of September 11, the Muslim community in the UK continues to suffer the repercussions of the event. Dozens have been harassed by the security forces, and dozens more have been arrested, some being released whilst others have been detained. The Home Office has yet to publish figures on the number of arrests.

One year on, attempts have continued to be made to extradite ‘suspected terrorists’ to the USA and to prosecute so-called Islamic militants under various laws in the UK, including the terrorist legislations. Embarrassingly for the government, and unsurprisingly, all these attempts have failed.

One year on, the practice of internment has led to the violation of basic human rights of foreign nationals seeking refuge in this country. Despite the Special Immigrations Appeals Commission, the body hearing their appeals, deeming their detention unlawful, they continue to be detained under harsh conditions.

One year on, these incidents have reinforced the fears of the Muslim community that the war against terrorism is really a war against Muslims and Islam, that they have been targeted by the government in its bid to show something is being done. These are the hidden victims of September 11.

The conference panel were: Wrongly imprisoned Sulayman Zain-ul-Abidin with solicitor Muddassar Arani, Raza Kazim from IHRC, journalist Yvonne Ridley, Momina Khan from IHRC, and Romana Majid from IHRC.