Ramadan 2022

Ramadan 2022

Ramadan Mubarak! We have a few announcements.

IHRC Bookshop & Gallery are offering 15% discount off all books. Our discount code is RAMADANREWARDS.

Prison Packs

IHRC will be distributing prisoner packs for both male and female prisoners this Ramadan.

Muslim prisoners have a difficult time practising their faith in prison.  Lack of halal food, inadequate prayer facilities, difficulty in managing fasting as well as discrimination from other prisoners are just some of the issues faced by Muslim prisoners. This is made worse by the sense of isolation from the Muslim community and their friends and family.

This year we wish to support our fellow Muslims in prison with a Ramadan starter pack. Each pack will contain items that will help them make the most of Ramadan.

The items included this year include:

–  x1 Blackness and Islam by Imam Dawud Walid

–  x1 Sweet Packet from HalalZone

–  x1 Prayer Beads (Tasbeeh)

–  x1 Itar Perfume (Turkish Holiday scented fragrance)

–  x1 Eid Card with a message from our Chair, Massoud Shadjarah.

Each Pack will cost £20 and will be a wonderful gift to a fellow Muslim to show they have not been forgotten by their brothers and sisters in the world.

We hope to send 300 Ramadan packs to Muslim prisoners across the UK.

Our packs are only possible with the generous support of the community. We urge you to donate generously in the month of Ramadan towards the IHRC Prisoner packs.


Donate to IHRC’s Various Initiatives

We have a number of initiatives that may be of interest to you. Without your generosity, our work would not continue. This includes our Zakat collection, our Legal fund to support individuals on low income with immigration problems, our Gaza, Yemen, Nigeria and Rohingya Appeals.

To donate, click here.



We have both Zaytoun and Yaffa Palestinian Medjoul dates available for this Ramadan. 

Zaytoun Dates

Zaytoun Medjoul dates are sourced from sun-drenched Palestinian farms around the ancient city of Jericho, an occupied area where vast tracts of land have been illegally confiscated by the Israeli government. The  Palestinian farmers in Jericho face daily struggles of living under military occupation and the threat of expanding Israeli settlements, as well as receiving no state subsidies and restrictions to things such as movement, resources and access to water.

Yaffa Palestinian Medjoul Dates – Large

Palestinian Delights 1800g Box.

Yaffa’s Medjoul Dates are renowned for their premium quality. Harvested near the historical Palestinian town of Jericho; these dates are some of the highest quality available.

100% Palestinian Produce.



Throwback – Understanding Colonialism, White Privilege & Black Rights in America

Click on the below video to watch a special live event where Dr Mohammad Morandi, Imam Dawud Walid and Professor Ramon Grosfoguel discuss colonialism, white privilege and black rights in America.

Dr Mohammad Marandi is a political analyst and a professor at the University of Tehran. Dawud Walid is currently the Executive Director of the Michigan chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR-MI). And Professor Ramon Grosfoguel is a Puerto Rican sociologist and professor at UC Berkeley.

Below are recommended books for children and adults to buy for Ramadan. For more books, click here.

Wake Up! It’s the Ramadan Drummer

It’s Ramadan and Adam loves this special time of year, but there’s a growing problem; people in Adam’s neighbourhood are not waking up for the pre-fast meal (Suhoor) or the dawn prayer (Fajr).

Sadly they are forgetting these important early morning activities for Ramadan, which have now become a distant memory. Can Adam’s father help to wake the people up in time by rising to the challenge of becoming the neighbourhood waker-upper, the Ramadan Drummer?

Can he find the courage to continue an ancient legacy in a modern city? A humorous, feel-good story with a heart-warming message that celebrates cultural heritage, service to the local community and bravery during hard times.

Illustrated by Dalia Awad.

Tales of Mini Maryam – Kosser Abdul Aziz

Welcome to the delightful world of 3 year old Maryam captured and delivered with 6 heart-warming short stories. Maryam whizzes around her house collecting and loading almost everything on to her tiny push chair, only to be met with disaster but, is all at loss? No, for Maryam remembers the power of dua (prayer).

What do we say after we have sneezed? Why do people go on pilgrimage? Can mini Maryam pray with her family? What do we say before we eat? Curious mini Maryam soon finds out.

Join Maryam as she discovers when and why to read certain Islamic prayers and to also keep her family in check!

With fantastic and engaging illustrations by Taha Abdalla.

My Ramadan Gratitude – Samia Quddus

Filled with bite-sized knowledge and Alhamdulillah prompts for each day of the special month, My Ramadan Gratitude Moments takes children on a colourful moon phase journey that captures the spirit of Ramadan as they explore appreciation with a focus on self, faith, family and community.

Tasks are suited or varied learning styles, ranging from spiritual acts, mental reflection, writing, creating and observing. The prompts encourage children to explore gratitude and ‘Alhamdulillah’ moments in various ways and from different perspectives.

The Fish of Fasting – Yaqub Abdurrahman

The Fiqh of Fasting is an explanation of Kitab al-Siyam from ‘Abd Allah b. ‘Abd al-Rahman BaFadl’s Masa’il al-Ta’lim. This book brings forth some of the most important legal issues on the topic of fasting. The explanation takes from the Shafi’i Madhhab’s relied-upon reference works, such as Ibn Hajar’s Tuhfah, Ramli’s Nihayah, and others. Along with citing from the fiqh books, many source evidences are presented.


Tafsir al-Qurtubi Vol 1

Translated by Aisha Bewley, the tafsīr of al-Qurṭubī is perhaps one of the most compendious of them all and is certainly among the most famous. In this volume, the author examines the Fātiḥah in great depth, and then works through the first juz’ (two ḥizbs), stopping to examine linguistic matters, aḥkām/judgments in greater detail, covering, for example, īmān, establishment of the ṣalāt, zakāt, hypocrisy, the Tribe of Israel, the creation of Adam and Ḥawwā’, caliphate, abrogation, and including the pivotal story of the sacrifice of the cow by the Tribe of Israel.

The Ascendant Qur’an – Realigning Man to the Divine Power Culture Volume 4

The Ascendant Qur’an: Realigning Man to the Divine Power Culture is the first tafsir to be written directly in the English language. It is also the first tafsir to be written specifically to reinterpret the lessons of the noble Qur’an for the needs of Muslims living in the modern world, and particularly for those active in the contemporary Islamic movement. This fourth volume begins the explanation of Surah Al Imran, going from verse 1 through 120. In particular, it addresses the following topics: the incompatibility of iman and kufr, Christianity and the misunderstood nature of Jesus (a), Christian and Jewish antipathy for yielding to God, and the commitment quality of Muslims verses the people of previous scripture.

The Long View, a quarterly magazine from IHRC. The latest issue has been released.

Moving Beyond the War on Terror – March 2022 / Shaban 1443

In ‘Moving Beyond the War on Terror’, this issue’s contributors look at how targeted communities can reimagine a world where the narratives of the last 20 years no longer have meaning. Arzu Merali looks at how the divisive rhetoric of WoT is simply the latest in a long line of US ‘wars’, from the ‘war on drugs’ to the current ‘civilizational’ rhetoric being levied against Russia. Shah Mahmoud Hanifi recommends a complete mind reset to the current and future governors of Afghanistan, arguing that the last hundred years has seen a capitulation of all Afghani governments to actual or neo-colonialism.

Ramzy Baroud assesses the way forward for a Palestinian leadership that has been relentlessly targeted by the US. Finally Richard Sudan looks at the formation of the Department of Homeland Security in the wake of 9-11.

Read the issue online here: https://www.ihrc.org.uk/thelongview/vol4-issue2/

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