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Clinton plays Russian Roulette with Justice

Yvonne Ridley laments the double standards of US diplomatic discourse.

Forwarded Alert: UK –JFAC London- THE LAST STAND

Join the Justice for Aafia Coalition (JFAC) for a rally outside the US embassy to protest 7 years of detention and abuse, and the impending threat of a life sentence in prison.


Siddiqui’s legal team has warned that there will be far greater obstacles in the way of her release and repatriation after she has been sentenced.

Forwarded Alert: UK – Aafia Siddiqui forced to walk on Qu’ran...

New revelations of US torture methods on Aafia Siddiqui.

Forwarded Alert: UK – Aafia Siddiqui Day

Show solidarity with Aafia Siddiqui.

Forwarded Event Alert: UK – Protest outside US embassy for Dr....

Protest outside US embassy in support of Dr. Aafia Siddiqui.

Demonstration: Muslim women protest US Abuse of Dr. Aafia Siddiqui

Protest against the horrific kidnap, abuse and sham trial of Dr. Aafia Siddiqui at the hands of the U.S. government and the inaction of the Zardari government.

Forwarded Alert: US – ACTION ALERT: US – Dr Aafia Siddiqui...

After five years of abuse in secret detention Dr Aafia Siddiqui still faces continuous humiliating treatment.

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